‘Chairman Wang of Suwon’ said he had no money… “We are also pursuing a restaurant business with celebrities in addition to solar power.”

Suwon rental fraud case, damage increased to 50 billion won. JTBC traced the financial flow of Mr. Jeong, a landlord who stole the deposits of numerous victims, and found that he was engaged in various businesses ranging from solar energy to dining out with famous celebrities. He then said that the victims did not have money to give a deposit.

This is reporter Lee Hae-seon.


Mr. Jeong, known as ‘Chairman Suwon Wang’, is known to have operated 18 corporations under his own name and owned several corporations under borrowed names.

Mr. Jeong traced his money flow.

In the last six months, 290 million won of Mr. Jeong’s money flowed to a specific corporation.

I went to visit.

The corporate address is a villa building, and when you go up to the office, you find a rooftop room.

[{ It’s a place called OOO , right?} Why? {Can I come in?} Yes, yes.]

When I ask about Mr. Jeong, an internal director of this corporation, he starts to get angry.

[{Do you know Mr. OO ?} There is no need, so go down. Why does he come into someone else’s house?]

He doesn’t even answer about money transactions.

[{About 300 million won came in this way… } There is no such thing, so go down.]

They curse and push you away.

[{Why are you so angry?} No, xx, go down. {What company does this do, sir?}짱구카지노 주소 I don’t know!]

This corporation is like a home.

The business purpose is solar energy business.

Employees who worked with the landlord, Mr. Jeong, testify that he actually tried to carry out a solar power project.

[Mr. A/Employee: Was solar power launched early this year? I looked into it and it was available on cheap land. They say it doesn’t make sense for expensive land… ]

Mr. Jeong, who ran several cafes and bakeries in the Gyeonggi area, recently discussed a chicken franchise business with a famous comedian.

[Mr. B/Employee: Jeong OO met OOO (comedian) and came to the building. He was going to fry chicken… ]

The comedian’s agency explained, “It is true that we discussed a franchise business, but we did not sign a contract.”

Mr. Jeong said he had no money to give to tenants, but he had money to spend on other businesses.

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