“Big Mac 5,500 won?” McDonald’s raises prices by 3.7% despite government request for restraint

McDonald’s announced on the 26th that it will raise prices for Big Macs and other items starting the 2nd of next month.

There are a total of 13 menu items with price increases, and the average토스카지노 주소 increase rate is 3.7%.

Recently, the government has been requesting cooperation in price stabilization from the food and restaurant industries, but each industry is raising prices one after another without paying attention.

According to McDonald’s, the price of a Big Mac will increase by 300 won to 5,500 won.

The Bulgogi Burger and McSpicy Shanghai Burger also go up by 300 won each.

The price of the egg bulgogi burger will increase by 400 won, and the price of iced drip coffee will increase by 200 won.

A McDonald’s official said, “We inevitably adjusted prices due to the continued rise in raw material prices and logistics costs, but we minimized the items and extent of the increase to reduce the burden on customers.”

McDonald’s also raised prices last February, signaling another price increase for the first time in the industry in eight months.

Famous burger brands such as Lotteria, Burger King, No Brand Burger, and Mom’s Touch have announced that they have no plans to increase prices so far.

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