Both Kang Hyuk and Kim Hyo-beom are names that are not left out, Kim Nak-hyun

Both acting coaches mentioned Kim Nak-hyun, who stood out in the match.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation defeated Seoul Samsung 85-79 in the 2023-2024 professional basketball home game held at Daegu Gymnasium on the 6th.

KGC, which was trailing by 59-70 and 11 points at the end of the third quarter, turned the game around by scoring points in the middle of the fourth quarter. Kim Nak-hyun, who scored 12 points in the fourth quarter alone, stood out in the attack, and Samsung’s solid defense and rebound shone.

Korea Gas Corporation has won seven consecutive home games, the most since the team was founded, and Samsung lost nine games in an away game in Daegu.

Acting Director of Gas Corporation Kang Hyuk
How do you feel about winning
Until the third quarter, what we prepared didn’t go well. We allowed the score easily. We gave up 46 points in the first half alone. We also gave up 24 points in the third quarter. The defense and rebound we prepared didn’t go well, but we showed great concentration in the fourth quarter. It was a tough game, but Lee Dae-heon and Kim Nak-hyun went to the fourth quarter and held on with responsibility and solved it, resulting in good results. We gave up nine points in the fourth quarter, but it was a defense we promised. I want to praise the players for overcoming what was not achieved in the beginning in the fourth quarter. I want to praise the players for showing concentration at the end.

Nicholson scored 22 points in the first half, are you tired of the second half (7 points)?
He was already exhausted after seeing different movements in the third quarter. So, he quickly switched to Maxwell and prepared for the fourth quarter. Kim Nak-hyun also looked tired. Kim said, “I try to keep the time (to play) as long as 25 minutes. If I run a lot, I will take it out if I am not in good condition due to the risk of injury. I think Kim Nak-hyun did a good job when Belangel failed to find the rhythm in the shot part and left it to Kim Nak-hyun for the fourth quarter. I think Nicholson’s physical burden is increasing as he enters the fifth round, but he needs to change players well to reduce the physical burden.

Ahn Se-young’s 4th foul in the 1st quarter
I told Ahn Se-young to pressure because Hong Kyung-gi came out as the opposing guard. Good job. He pressured me enthusiastically, but I still have little experience, so I got a lot of fouls. I think Ahn Se-young is the most experienced right now by practicing that. If you bump into yourself in the regular league, Ahn Se-young will definitely feel and improve. He put pressure well in the defense. I want to compliment him. He works hard.

Nicholson is good at everything, but it would be nice to reduce the error.
Recently, there have been a lot of errors. There are a total of five errors in our team, but Nicholson alone made three. He can come out. He can come out while playing, but when it’s important, he has to pass quickly when a trap comes to him, but he’s trying to solve it himself. He’s doing so with responsibility. I’ll try to get better by telling him to pass and assist to the outside through practice again. 마카오카지노

Two red-Gyeonggi U-fouls changed the trend.
It’s very good for us. If we went out in the set in that situation, I don’t think there would have been a foul. Even though the players were having a hard time, they went quickly because they were aggressive, and Hong-Gi was in a hurry, so I think U-Paul came out. Set is important, but when you go out in the air quickly, there is a possibility that you have to be active to score easy goals or get a foul. I will talk more with the players and get better through practice.

Shin Seungmin and Lee Junghyun match
Shin Seung-min is so strong that he decided to switch when the lane comes in. He has a chabawi, but his ankle is not good. I didn’t think I should put too much pressure on him. Shin Seung-min allowed him to score some points, but there are many couples who defended well. Recently, his defense has improved a lot on the outskirts. I want to keep making him do that. I want to add a lot of outside players, thinking that I want him to grow while learning skills while feeling Shin Seung-min. I allowed Lee Jung-hyun 14 points, but he defended well when it mattered.

Three consecutive games against tough opponents (Hyundai Mobis-LG-KCC)
From what I see, the players do their best on the court, rebound, and play passionately. They ask the players to go home until they go home. They have never won against Hyundai Mobis. I said, “We can’t lose every game this season because we have an important game the day after tomorrow (8th),” and the players also feel the same way. At home, whether it be Hyundai Mobis or any team, Daegu fans are there, so I will focus on good performance and results. You must want to win more than me in the LG and KCC games. However, I will put more emphasis on the basics and prepare well to have a good game.

Acting Samsung manager Kim Hyo-beom
a general review of the game
The two teams played so well that fans must have enjoyed the game. Unfortunately, the players did their best. I felt that I was not good enough. I thought I should prepare more precisely.

No points since midway through the fourth quarter.
Kim Nak-hyun was able to catch the flow, but stopped the flow. While holding the ball together, Kim successfully made two 3-pointers on top of the player holding his hand up, without any need for patterns. Oh my god. I have nothing to say. I covered myself up to Lee Dong-yeop so I could not give him (three-pointers), but I shot him while avoiding that. Then, he has the right to offer. Lee Won-seok only grabbed six rebounds in the battle for the right to provide the right to win the game, but I think he can grab 10 rebounds per game. He needs to grab at least eight rebounds for defense, even if he has a small number of offensive rebounds. I will emphasize that again.

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