Barcelona Could Recruit ‘Shock’ ↑… 英 Media “Sent Scouts to Observe”

Barcelona are interested in Mason Greenwood.

British media “Talk Sports” reported on the 14th (Korea time) that “Barcelona is one of the teams aiming for Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood.”

Greenwood was once a promising player to lead Manchester United. The weapon was decent dribbling and shooting, which was not picky with main and weak feet. The prevailing assessment was that he was born with calmness in front of the gate. He also moved well.

However, he was arrested on charges of rape and assault in January last year. Manchester United stopped paying more than 100 million won a week and deleted him from their team profile. Greenwood’s trace was nowhere to be found. It was a decision that was close to release.

However, he was released from the charges in February. The charges were dropped as key witnesses in the case withdrew their testimony. 헤라카지노 That didn’t make it back to the ground immediately. It was also a problem that he couldn’t play for more than a year and a half, but there was a lot of backlash. Manchester United couldn’t easily decide to return.

In particular, he rebelled against his return from the Manchester United women’s team. Manchester United’s female fans also opposed his return. His name could not be found on the number list announced by Manchester United on its official website ahead of the season. Greenwood seemed unlikely to return.

“Greenwood’s future at Manchester United is uncertain. Manager Erik ten Hag and the board of directors are considering giving him a chance, but selling him is also an option,” said Besocher of England.

In the end, Greenwood had to leave Manchester United. Manchester United said on its website, “The internal investigation into Greenwood has ended. Our investigation began in February 2023 when the lawsuit against Greenwood was withdrawn. Based on the findings, it was concluded that Greenwood did not commit the crime he was originally charged with.”

“However, Greenwood clearly made a mistake. He takes responsibility for it. Therefore, everyone, including Greenwood himself, recognizes that he has difficulty continuing his career at Manchester United. As a result, Greenwood left Manchester United under mutual agreement,” he officially stated.

Greenwood has decided to let him go to Getafe, Spain. Immediately after the lease, Getafe posted a video of Greenwood’s training on his official social media account, hinting at his return.

It was short, but he made a comeback. Greenwood was deployed in the 32nd minute of the second half in the fifth round of La Liga. It was his comeback match in 606 days. He had a long absence period, including a cross after breaking through immediately after the deployment, but seemed to be in good condition.

Since then, he has made four goals and three assists in 14 matches this season. He is performing well for a player who has not played for a long time. According to TalkSport, Barcelona has sent a scout to watch Greenwood. The scout for Atletico Madrid also reportedly watched Greenwood’s game.

Getafe, his team on loan, will be fine with any outcome. Getafe reportedly has a clause that allows Greenwood to receive 20% of the transfer fee if he moves to another team.

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