“Kang So-hwi, I want you to be greedy”. The head coach’s honest intentions

“I hope (Kang) So-hwi hits harder.”

Pleasant shutdown victory. The last Heungkuk Life victory became a proper turning point.

GS Caltex won a complete set score of 3-0 against Dodram V-League Pepper Savings Bank at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju on the 15th.

He managed to win the first or second set by a margin of two points, and in the third set, he completely crushed his opponent. Perhaps because he gained momentum and rested well, Zupo Silva was powerful enough to block anyone. He destroyed the court of Pepper Savings Bank with a 58.5 percent success rate and 29 points in attack including four serve aces. Kang also scored 12 points (47.6 percent).

“The players definitely got better after taking a break for the first time in a long time. There were some difficult situations in the first or second set, but the third set was easy thanks to my strong endurance,” Cha said after the match.

“Today, Silva looked so good that he thought that if he goes up to some extent, he would get a score,” he said, adding, “I’m taking care of him as well.”

On the day, Kang became the 17th player to achieve his 200th serve ace in the V League. “I wish I could hit the offensive tempo with more strength. I feel like my swing speed has decreased a little bit, not the tempo,” Cha said. “I recovered and showed good performance, but I need to practice more to adjust myself.”

“I want you to be more greedy (for serving). I mainly scored consecutive hits today, but I want you to attack harder. As a coach, I get more greedy with my players,” he said with a smile.

In the case of middle blockers, Oh Se-yeon is being used as rotation rotation for veteran player Jeong Dae-young and Han Su-ji. “After all, setting up is my role. Jung Dae-young is a player who needs management,” Cha said. “It’s not good to just warm up for too long. Oh also needs to gain experience. She is gradually improving.” 월카지노

“If we had lost the Heungkuk Life Insurance match, it would have been our first three consecutive losses of the season. But it happened to be a week where we had to play three games a week. It was a tremendous crisis, and the players overcame it well. I think the flow continued to this day through plenty of rest and practice in that good atmosphere.”

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