‘Almost a criminal of all time’… once the best talent in the Netherlands, accused of smuggling 1,363kg of cocaine → sentenced to six years in prison

Quincy Promus, the Netherlands’ best talent, was sentenced to six years in prison.

The Sun, a British media outlet, reported on the 14th (Korea time) that “Queen’s Promus has been sentenced to six years, but he is staying in Russia and avoiding jail time.”

Promus was the Netherlands’ best talented striker, who reigned as the star of Ajax in the Dutch league and Spartak Moscow in the Russian league. He has committed two far too big crimes so far.

The first crime is an injury charge. On December 13, 2020, the Netherlands’ The Telegraph reported that Promus was urgently arrested on charges of injury by Amsterdam police. In July 2020, Promus’ family got together in Abkud, a city near Amsterdam, where he had a violent altercation with a relative for some reason and eventually stabbed him.

According to a Dutch public broadcaster NOS report, Promus was eventually found guilty of injury but sentenced to one year and five months in prison. He did not end up with that. According to media, Promus was sentenced to help smuggle 1,363 kg of cocaine.

The court found that Promus played a role in guiding and promoting. The drugs were blocked after being imported into Antwerp, and circumstantial evidence was found that Promus was involved. Cocaine was reported to have arrived disguised as Brazilian sea salt. Cocaine arrived on the Dutch coast in January 2020 in two parts, 650 kg and 713 kg.

Prosecutors also found another suspect guilty of importing, exporting, transporting, and possessing drugs. However, Promus can continue his career in Moscow even if convicted. Since there is no extradition treaty between the Netherlands and Russia, Promus did not appear and made no statement about the allegations. Promus is also reportedly attempting to issue a Russian passport. 여우알바

Promus still plays for Spartak Moscow and appears willing to continue. Promus has scored six goals in 17 appearances for Moscow this season. The Russian Premier League is currently suspended due to the winter break, with Spartak Moscow set to return through a friendly against Al Jazeera in Abu Dhabi in February.

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