Hwang Sun-woo ranked 5th in 100m freestyle… Best ever

Hwang Sun-woo, who was expected to reach the 100m freestyle final for the first time at the World Swimming Championships, finished fifth unfortunately.

I missed the medal by 0.15 seconds, but it’s still the best record ever.

Hwang Sun-woo, who ran six races in two events in the 200m and 100m in four days, showed signs of exhaustion in the early stages. 꽁머니사이트

He was the last of the eight runners to return to the 50m halfway point in 23.04.

Since then, they have caught up one by one with a great spurt, but they are unfortunately in fifth place, trailing Hungary’s Nemes by 0.15 seconds.

China’s Pan Zanler, the world’s No. 1, was the first to score, followed by Italy’s Miresi.

Unfortunately, he missed the medal, but Hwang Sun-woo won his first gold medal in the 200m, and also in the 100m, the best performance ever by a Korean player.

Hwang Sun-woo will challenge for a medal once again with his teammates in the 800m relay, which starts today (16th).

In the men’s 200m backstroke semifinal, Lee Joo-ho advanced to the final with a time of 1:56.40 and the third place overall, and this is the first time that a Korean player has reached the final in an all-time backstroke event.

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