A year-long wait for the runner-up, Yu-min Hwang “I’m holding the championship trophy this year”

May 2022 is a month full of regrets for ‘rookie’ Hwang Yoo-min. 

Hwang Yoo-min competed with Park Min-ji for the championship in the final round of the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship of the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour held in May of last year.

The result is runner-up. Hwang Yoo-min, who missed his second shot in the bunker on the last 18th hole, wrote down a bogey, and Park Min-ji was one stroke short, so the game could not be extended. 

However, it was a day that properly imprinted ‘Amateur Yumin Hwang’ on numerous galleries. 

This year, the identity is different. Hwang Yu-min, who returned as a professional, set the goal of this tournament to win.

Hwang Yoo-min participated in seven tournaments this season and passed all cuts. He is considered a strong candidate to take the Rookie of the Year award. 

The NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship, which will be Hwang Yoo-min’s revenge match, will be held at Suwon Country Club (par 72) in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, as last year. It opens on the 12th, and the total prize money is 800 million won.

The resolution is too high. Hwang Yoo-min promised, “I did well last year, but I have more regrettable memories. I want to gather good memories and lift the championship trophy this year.” 

Park Min-ji is trying to win her third consecutive championship. Three consecutive victories in a single event is a record set by only four people, the late Ok-hee Gu, Se-ri Park, Su-yeon Kang, and Hae-rim Kim.

However, it is expected that the road to writing a great record will be difficult. There are many outstanding players, and the JLPGA tour last week was not resolved. 바카라사이트

Among the competitors, Lee Da-yeon is the best. She made a splendid comeback by winning the first major event of the season, the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship.

She skipped the Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open, which suffered from lameness, such as being reduced to 36 holes due to bad weather last week, and took enough rest. 

Lee Ye-won, the winner of this year’s domestic opening game, and Park Bo-gyeom, who won their first championship last week, are also aiming for their first win of the season. 

Park Hyun-kyung broke her last week’s record of passing the cut in 53 consecutive contests. However, her ‘professionalism’, which she did not choose to abstain from, despite being in the lower ranks, united her own fans. 

Although she has not yet won a championship this season, she is a candidate for the championship if she adds support from fans to her excellent shot sense, evidenced by records such as 3rd in prize money, 3rd in target points, and 4th in average at bats. 

Lee Bo-mi, a permanent seed on the KLPGA tour, has a long-awaited shot in front of domestic fans since last season’s final match, the SK Shielders-SK Telecom Championship.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the event prepared the largest-ever gallery plaza with an area of ​​nearly 530 pyeong. Official golf goods for the tournament, such as autographed hats, bucket hats, gloves, umbrellas, and pouches, are sold here, as well as fan signing events for NH Investment & Securities players (Park Min-ji, Lee Ga-young, Jung Yun-ji, Kim Hye-seung) and various prize events.

In addition, various events such as putting game and trampoline will be held in the Kids Zone prepared for the gallery for families.

For the first time in a professional golf tournament in Korea, a ‘snack bunker’ is prepared in the 18th hole, so you can enjoy simple menus without having to travel far.

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