‘Volleyball Hyoja’ Han Seong-jeong “My father is Superman!”

Han Seong-jeong of KB Insurance, a professional men’s volleyball team, is not only talented but also attracts more attention for her filial piety.

Han Seong-jeong refers to his father, who is 60 cm taller than himself due to his physical disability, as his eternal Superman.


When Seong-Jeong Han, a teenager, felt that the high school stage was limited, his father visited the training ground every day, rain or shine.

[Han Seong-jeong/High school days : “My father is a superman I can always rely on!”] I

‘ve never been ashamed of my father who has physical disabilities.

Han Seong-jeong, who entered the professional stage as the first overall pick, gave his down payment to his father and was given an even bigger gift of growing into his team’s main gun.

Han Seong-jeong, who received attention as a filial player for his volleyball skills, even achieved his wish to appear in ‘Morning Yard’ with his father.

A heartfelt letter from his father brought tears to the studio.

[Han Seong-jeong’s father: “Your father is lacking a lot, but now your son has made a good path so that you can stand proudly in front of others without envy.

” I just want to repay you.

[Han Seong-jeong: “Thank you for making me reach the top spot even in difficult situations.”]

Han Eun-beom, the father, secretly brought out one wish, saying that he had nothing more to wish for his son who had grown up well.

[Han Seong-jeong’s father: “If you enter in the first place, you should wear the championship ring.”]

Han Seong-jeong is determined to fly vigorously in the upcoming season for the sake of ‘Superman’s father’, who is forever the best fan.

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