“A terrifying threat”… ‘IQ 204’ 12-year-old boy dropped out of Seoul Science High School because of ‘school violence’?

Baek Kang-hyeon (12), a former member of the ‘Gifted and Talented Exploration Team’ who entered Seoul Science High School, was reported to have quit school, and claims were made that school violence was the reason for dropping out.

On the 20th, Kang Hyeon-gun’s father posted a video on his YouTube channel saying, “I received a trembling threat regarding his son.”

According to Kang Hyun-gun’s father’s claim, he received threatening emails from senior mothers at Seoul Science High School after posting the video ‘Baek Kang-hyun dropped out of Seoul Science High School’. He said, “I have to disclose the deeper truth behind Hyun-gun’s메이저사이트 decision to drop out,” and predicted the disclosure, saying, “I will release the original threatening email containing inhumane school violence and unbearable teasing inflicted on young Kang-hyeon today.”

He said, “I tried to bury the series of incidents that happened to Kang Hyun-yi at Seoul High School in my heart and take the secret to the grave, but I can’t stand it any longer after receiving the degrading email.”

Previously, Kang Hyun-gun reported that he had dropped out of Seoul Science High School on the 18th. He said, “On the morning of going to school after vacation the other day, I brushed my teeth and memorized mathematical formulas in a hurry. Then, in the mirror, I saw myself becoming a problem-solving machine. I lost. I wanted to do creative activities.”

“I told my dad, ‘I want to quit school,’ and he hugged me quietly. ‘Yes. Dad couldn’t live my life because of other people’s eyes, but you live your life. Go as your heart moves. That way, it’s not someone else’s life. You will live your life.”

He also said, “During the summer vacation, I, like my older brothers, cut down on my night sleep and finished all subjects, even preparing for the final exams in the second semester, so I was able to get better grades in the second semester, but I still have regrets.”

At the same time, he expressed his gratitude by mentioning the names of the hyung who lifted my heavy bag almost every day from the beginning of the semester and the hyung who treated me like my own younger brother, saying, “I borrow this video and post my last greetings to my older brothers in class 1 of 1st grade.”

Lastly, Kang Hyun-gun inserted his self-composed song ‘Dandelion Spore’ into the video, saying, “Now I’m going to compose my favorite songs, make board games, make Mensa problems, go to Taekwondo academy, and prepare for the CSAT.”

Meanwhile, Kang Hyeon-goon was born in November 2012 and is 10 years old this year. In 2016, when he was 41 months old, he appeared on the SBS entertainment program ‘Gifted and Talented Exploration Team’ and gathered topics.

Kang Hyun-gun’s intelligence quotient was measured with an IQ of 164 based on Wechsler and an IQ of 204 based on Mensa .

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