“A grandmother who lost her grandson kneels for the couple”… After ‘Sudden departure to Gangneung’

The progress of a case in which a 12-year-old grandson died last year in Gangneung, Gangwon-do due to a suspected sudden acceleration of the car driven by his grandmother was reported. The suspected sudden acceleration accident in Gangneung was reexamined in JTBC’s

‘Han Moon-cheol’s Black Box Review’ , which aired on the 5th . More than 300 days have passed since 12-year-old Do-hyeon passed away, and Do-hyeon’s grandmother, who was behind the wheel at the time, is still booked as a suspect for ‘killing her grandson.’ Do-hyeon’s father said, “I still vividly remember the feeling of my body getting cold while my heart was still hot,” and “I thought Do-hyeon could wake up…” . “That’s how I sent away our Dohyun,” he said, shedding tears. Regarding her grandmother’s current status, “Her mother has recovered her health to the point where she can go out. She still can’t go out. She is afraid of meeting people. “My heart breaks every time I hear about the incident.”

The accident occurred on December 6 last year on a road메이저사이트 in Naegok-dong, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do. The SUV that the grandmother was driving suddenly made a loud noise and smoke, hit the car in front waiting at the signal, ran for another 600 meters, crossed over a four-lane road, and crashed into an underground passage. In this accident, her grandmother was seriously injured, and her grandson Do-hyeon, who was riding with her, died.

It is said that her grandmother walked her grandson to and from school every day. On the day of the accident, the vehicle’s black box video contained the voice of a grandmother who urgently shouted her grandson’s name after detecting a brake problem while having a daily conversation with her grandson, saying, “Don’t play at the playground tomorrow, come right out.”

On the day of the accident, Do-hyeon’s father informed his grandmother, who had regained consciousness, that “Do-hyun has gone into God’s arms,” ​​and the grandmother’s image was revealed, crying, saying, “I should have gone with you, but how can I live without Do-hyeon?”

Do-hyeon’s father said, “This year, I went to my mother’s house for the first holiday without Do-hyeon. “The moment he decided not to cry and entered the house, his mother came running out, got down on her knees and apologized,” he said with tears in his eyes. He continued, “My mother didn’t do anything wrong, but she says she did something wrong, and Do-hyeon isn’t there… . “The whole situation was so difficult that my wife and I ran to the sea without even looking back and cried for a long time in silence,” he added.

The family is struggling to exonerate her grandmother. Her grandmother was booked on charges of causing death under the Special Act on Traffic Accidents and was investigated by the police last March. Her family is pursuing a civil lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer. Dohyeon’s father said, “Nine months have passed since the accident. “Her mother is still on criminal record,” he said. “There is no conclusion as to whether she is at fault or not.” “It’s a frustrating situation,” she said.

There are two reasons why the case is not being solved. Do-hyeon’s father explained, “I applied for an accident recording device ( EDR ) sound evaluation. Since I don’t think the EDR records are reliable, I asked for an evaluation through an appraiser appointed by the court.”

“In the case of sound, the National Forensic Service (National Institute of Forensic Science) concluded that ‘the driver put the gear in N while driving normally and stepped on the family pedal, causing a loud noise. Then, right before the collision, he changed to D and stepped on the accelerator pedal, causing the accident.’ “He added.

In order to refute the National Forensic Service’s opinion, the family requested an expert to analyze the contents recorded in the black box and are waiting for the results.

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