“A disaster for both PSG and the Korean national team.” Lee Kang-in situation is also taken seriously in France

Lee Kang-in (23, PSG)’s table tennis case is also considered a serious problem in France.

“French Football Weekly” focused on the Lee Kang-in incident on the 19th and described it as a disaster for both PSG and the Korean national team.

Lee Kang-in clashed with Son Heung-min as he enjoyed table tennis a day before the match against Jordan. In the process, Son Heung-min’s right finger was dislocated. As the 노래방알바 Korea Football Association (KFA) quickly admitted the fact, the repercussions grew. Some even claimed that Lee Kang-in had been at odds with the senior members of the national team before. Some players asked for Lee Kang-in’s exclusion from the semifinals, but manager Klinsmann ignored it.

After the incident broke out, Lee Kang-in apologized through his SNS, saying, “I should have listened to the older members.” However, Seo-on, Lee Kang-in’s legal representative, said on the 15th, “It is different from the article that Lee Kang-in threw a fist in the face of Son Heung-min when he grabbed Lee Kang-in’s neck. I will rearrange my position on the rest of the contents.” Lee Kang-in has not made any official stance yet.

“The collision with Son Heung-min is a disaster for Lee Kang-in, who sold the most uniforms in PSG,” said French Football News. Lee Kang-in’s name has already disappeared from the broadcast screen in Korea. Many Korean companies that sponsored him have begun to cut off Lee Kang-in. Many soccer fans were also angry. The 23-year-old man is in a very complicated situation,” he reported.

The media quoted Korean media as saying, “Lee Kang-in should apologize quickly. He should bow his head in front of the fans and sincerely apologize to Son Heung-min as well. The Korea Football Association also needs to resolve the issue quickly, including disciplinary action.”

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