“31-year-old Son Heung-min” is No. 2… Tottenham → Squad, who became a “wonder kid assembly center,” has an average age of only 25.4 years → The future is bright

Who is the 3rd youngest team in the EPL with an average age of 25.4 years

Tottenham in the English Premier League has been transformed into a young team. Son Heung-min, who is currently the captain, is 31 years old and the second youngest player in the first-team squad.

England’s The Sun introduced how Tottenham is reorganizing its team by recruiting young players, including teenage players, after a new coach took office on the 7th. In particular, Tottenham is said to be overcoming the collapse of its academy system.

According to the article, it analyzed how Tottenham recently beat Barcelona and signed with wonderkids. It is said that the reorganization of the team is due to the former general manager who has now left the team. That’s why Tottenham is saying thank you.

Currently, Tottenham have a lot of exciting young players. Among the players playing in the first-team squad are Mickey van der Ben, Destiny Udogi, Pape Matar Sarr, and Brennan Johnson, who are all under the age of 22. Notably, Dejan Kulushevski, who has played in 81 matches so far after joining Tottenham in the January 2022 winter transfer window, is still only 23. They are now key players in the first-team league.

Thanks to the reorganization of the team with young players, Tottenham is now the third youngest out of 20 Premier League teams. The average age of a first-team squad is 25 years and four months. It is tied for third with rival Arsenal and only Burnley and Chelsea are younger than Tottenham.

In addition, there is a separate reason why Tottenham fans are optimistic about the future. There are many promising players knocking on the first team, which is said to be a boost to the team.

Tottenham ‘quietly’ recruited teenage prospects to prepare for the future, according to the article. Tottenham signed Lucas Bergwal from Sweden last week. Originally, he was staying in Spain with his family for a contract with Barcelona, but Tottenham hijacked him. Now 18, midfielder Bergwal is still young, but he has already made his debut with the Swedish national team. One of the most high-profile prospects in Europe, according to media analysis.

What the media paid attention to is that Bergwal left a signature on his long-worked contract with Barcelona, but he moved to Tottenham. It means that he judged that Tottenham’s future was bright.

There is no prospect in Korea as well as abroad. Will Rankshire, now 18, was with Sheffield United when Tottenham signed him in 2022. Also last summer, Tottenham managed to catch one of their most talked-about young players, Mikey Moore. He was 16 years old at the time. He was a promising player who played for the England national team in different age groups, but he tried to make an aggressive move to another team, but he managed to prevent it well.

It is said that Daniel Levy, who is known to be stingy, has invested money in recruiting young players thanks to former general manager Fabio Paratici, who has now left the team. It is said that he continued to persuade Levy to recruit young prospects until he left the team in April last year due to the “Juventus financial scandal.” Although Paratici left Tottenham, he is said to be continuing to provide consulting services.

Tottenham is currently in fifth place in the Premier League, but the under-21s are doing better in the Premier League. Rankshire scored 11 goals and 20-year-old Jude Sun-seop-Bell (20), who moved from Chelsea, scored eight goals, are said to be leading the league with 11 wins 월카지노도메인.

Of course, Postecoglou still feels Tottenham’s academy lacks resources compared to other teams.

“We have a lot of work to do at the academy. And academy director Simon Davis certainly has a lot of work to do there. I don’t think we have the production lines that other top clubs have.”

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