“You’re not an athlete’s body,” the 39-year-old effort man said bitterly to a slim prospect. “I was wondering if I should take that path.”

“I thought Beom-seok would take that path, so I said bitter things.”

Not long ago, Kim Bum-seok, a second-year catcher of the LG Twins, returned home early from the Arizona Spring Camp due to an internal abdominal muscle injury. At the time, LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop criticized Kim Bum-seok in a media interview, who had not been properly built.

Since last year, manager Yeom has announced his plan to raise Kim Bum-seok as a catcher and first baseman in the first team this season, but he has been complacent about his lack of posture from his physical management.

There was another senior who criticized Kim Beom-seok again when he returned to Korea. It is Kim Jin-sung (39), the highest-ranking LG pitcher.

Kim Jin-sung, who volunteered to work out at Futures Camp in Icheon, not Arizona camp, due to an abdominal injury, said he directly criticized Kim Beom-seok, who returned.

Kim Jin-sung spoke about his efforts during an interview with reporters at LG Champions Park in Icheon on the 22nd.

Kim Jin-sung said, “What I can tell you with confidence is that what I was able to come this far was not a natural talent, but an effort,” adding, “I always tell my juniors. I’m only a little taller, but I’m not born with strength, flexibility, technology, or sensibility at all, and I really tried hard to come all the way here.”

Kim Jin-sung continued, “I took exercise equipment and exercised on my honeymoon and family trip,” adding, “My wife saw me for the first time and I saw him as a crazy guy.” That’s why he was able to play in 80 games, the most in the KBO League, even at the age of 38 last year.

“Talented players are better at baseball than hard-working players, to be honest. But I get caught up by hard-working players someday,” Kim Jin-seong said. “But when a talented player makes an effort, he becomes an amazing player. The player I saw in person was Na Sung-bum. He was born with talent, but he made a big contract after working so hard.”

“I can’t say who it is, but there was another talented player with Na Sung-beom at the time, and the two were gradually different in skills,” Kim Jin-sung said, adding, “I thought (Kim) Bum-seok would take that path, so I said bitter words.”

“I talked to Bum-suk when I was with him at Jamsil Medical Center last year,” Kim Jin-seong said. “No matter how good you are at baseball, your weight will always make you an issue and damage you. I once told him that if you gain weight, you will definitely get injured. At that time, Bum-suk said he would make up his mind and try it,” he said. “I told him something at that time, so I talked a little tough this time. Don’t you think you should be proud of your family and brag about your brother’s great older brother? Don’t you want to get hurt by your friends?” He said. “I don’t talk about personal life, but I think I can tell you about sports and my body as a senior. You are not an athlete’s body.”

“I tend to tell my juniors realistically. Just do your best. It doesn’t help much,” Kim Jin-seong said. “In the end, it’s your responsibility to get hurt. Even so, only those who feel differently have changed. Still, Beom-seok is here to do his best.” 룸알바

The reason why Yeom openly criticized Kim Bum-suk and the reason why Kim Jin-seong personally spoke to Kim Bum-suk is because he has the talent to succeed as a baseball player. And it contains the desire of a senior who hopes that his talent will blossom further through hard work.

·Will Kim Beom-seok, born in 2004, be able to show a different side after hearing the bitter criticism of Kim Jin-sung, born in 1985.

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