“You’re going to get kicked out of Manchester United and go to Warsaw?”…”Dream Transfer” materializes, “Warsha dispatched as many as six scouts, overwhelmingly positive!”

After being kicked out of Manchester United in England, chances are high that a Spanish player will move to Barcelona. This is the story of Mason Greenwood.

Greenwood was a highly anticipated striker in Manchester United. After serving in the Manchester United Youth League, he joined the Manchester United’s first team and gained attention as a striker who will take responsibility for Manchester United’s future. However, he was accused of sexual assault and sparked controversy over sex crimes.

Greenwood was found not guilty of sex crimes after a long legal battle. He was found innocent, but Manchester United did not accept Greenwood. Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag hoped to be with Greenwood, but he could not ignore negative public opinion. In the end, Greenwood was abandoned by Manchester United last summer, and now he is on loan from Getafe in the Spanish Primera Liga. 헤라카지노

Greenwood’s performance in La Liga was brilliant. As his performance in La Liga stands out, Getafe wants to transfer to Greenwood permanently. It didn’t end there. Real Madrid and Barcelona, La Liga’s best and world’s best, began to watch Greenwood. Local media reported that the two clubs are seeking to recruit Greenwood.

And among them, Barcelona became more active. Barcelona’s specific movement was detected. Britain’s “The Sun” exclusively reported the move.

The media reported, “Greenwood is preparing for a dream transfer. Greenwood’s transfer to Barcelona is close.”

“Barcelona has been keeping an eye on Greenwood all season. Barcelona hopes to recruit Greenwood this summer. According to internal sources, Barcelona is desperate to recruit Greenwood and will reach an agreement with Manchester United. Manchester United wants to sell Greenwood and thinks parting ways is the best way. Jim Ratcliffe also doesn’t want to return to Greenwood,” he explained.

“Greenwood is currently concentrating on improving its reputation in La Liga. Barcelona believes that Greenwood will be of great help as it can show good performance in La Liga and European competition. Greenwood’s contract will make Barcelona fans excited. This season, Barcelona has sent scouts six times to observe Greenwood,” he stressed.

Finally, the media predicted, “Greenwood’s move to Barcelona is overwhelmingly positive. Greenwood will be at the center of the next summer’s transfer market.”

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