Why should Klinsmann be criticized ②: ‘Are you laughing?’ I’m always happy with myself

The lack of seriousness does not trust the Korean people at all.

In the first episode, he talked about Jürgen Klinsmann’s tactics ([IN-POINT]: Why should Klinsmann be criticized? There is tactics! But there is no progress). The first reason to be criticized is tactics, but the public and experts are not simply criticizing Klinsmann for tactics. A more serious problem is his attitude. Klinsmann was criticized for his lack of seriousness right after taking office.

To understand, I looked into Klinsmann’s background. Klinsmann has been a star since he started his professional career. He was selected as one of the greatest strikers in the history of Germany and the world’s soccer, and has been active in and out of Germany, Italy, England and France, attracting a great number of fans. Even after his retirement, he sat in major coaching positions including the German national team and Bayern Munich, and every move attracted public attention. He is a person who is equipped with a sense of relaxation.

What I try to understand is the ability to understand the atmosphere. Laughing at people who are criticized by themselves and don’t understand why people stand still stirred anger every time. The same was true in Qatar outside the stadium. During training and press conferences, Coach Klinsmann sometimes bursts into laughter by himself or suddenly tries to make reporters laugh.

After winning the match, the reporters interview in a relaxed mood, and they all engage in interviews seriously after or before a game. Except for the match against Bahrain, all matches that Korea played were poorly played, so the interview atmosphere could not have been good. Nevertheless, Coach Klinsmann embarrassed reporters by smiling despite serious questions and suddenly trying to make the reporters laugh.

In fact, the most embarrassing thing for me is not how I looked in Qatar. A press conference was held after the friendly match with Vietnam last time, and the last question was “Where will you go in the future?” The question was asked sarcastically about Klinsmann’s frequent controversy over his overseas trips. “I am so happy to go to Germany to see Lee Jae-sung’s Mainz and Kim Min-jae’s Bayern Munich match,” Klinsmann replied with a big smile. For a moment, I remember stopping playing the keyboard and looking at Klinsmann.

Back in Qatar, Klinsmann’s smile caused other foreign media to misunderstand. As he seems relaxed, he thinks that Klinsmann has a plan. This prompted Korea to deliberately draw with Malaysia and meet Saudi Arabia to avoid Japan. Seeing Klinsmann smile alone despite the worst humiliation in the match against Malaysia, foreign media felt as if everything was going his way. 라바카지노주소

“Koreans know this, but of course not. They just laughed,” Klinsmann said. Only then would foreign media have realized that they had misunderstood the situation.

He is always the only director who enjoys being the only one. He doesn’t always ask for seriousness, but when the content and consequences are serious, he shouldn’t laugh in vain when the public asks for responsibility. There is no reason why people say, “Can you smile?” No matter how relaxed he is, a star-turned-director should be serious when he is serious. Of course, he doesn’t seem to know.

He seems to be enjoying himself even more by being the only one who is angry and even thinks that he is ignoring Korea. Klinsmann should change his attitude, which puts his position in jeopardy, but it is highly unlikely. Klinsmann will act like Klinsmann, and we will be angry just as always. So what should we do? Everyone will know the answer.

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