Why is LG’s diverse lineup of starters and the role of seniors important?

The role of senior players in LG coach Cho Sang-hyun’s various starting lineups is important.

Changwon LG won the 2023-2024 professional basketball match against Anyang Jeonggwanjang 94-75 at the Changwon Gymnasium on Wednesday. Asem Maray (20 points and six rebounds), Lee Kwan-hee (16 points and four rebounds), and Justin Gutang (15 points and four rebounds) showed off their best performances, ending their consecutive losses. Asem Maray (15 points and four rebounds), he will regain No. 2 position and start anew to change the mood.

In the first round against Chung, LG started Lee Kwan-hee, Lee Jae-do, Jung Hee-jae, Yoon Won-sang and Maray, but lost the game 71-85. In the second round, LG changed its starting lineup to Lee Jae-do, Yoo Ki-sang, Yang Hong-seok, Jeong In-deok, and Maray, securing a 106-77 victory. It was one win and one loss in the opponent team’s record.

LG lost two consecutive games at home games in the previous weekend. Therefore, the team needed to change the mood by winning.

Coach Cho Sang-hyun said, “As games continue, we form diverse starting lineup. In a showdown with Chung on the day, the team started the game with “Lee Kwan-hee, Lee Jae-do, Jung Hee-jae, Yang Hong-seok and Maray,” which is different from the first and second rounds. This lineup is the first of its kind in this season.

Since the opening of the season, the three players, Lee Kwan-hee, Lee Jae-do and Jung Hee-jae, have started in the first round only against Chung. Since then, the three seniors have not started at the same time.

Prior to the match, coach Cho Sang-hyun said, “Gwanjang is an underwhelming opponent. We have lost two games in a row, and Jeonggwanjang is losing two games in a row. Jeonggwanjang will face off without any pressure. We selected mostly senior players to give them sense of responsibility, and I hope they will start the game well.” As Cho Sang-hyun said, LG took the lead with 15-6 early in the game due to Chung Hee-jae’s two three-point shots and Lee Kwan-hee’s internal and external goals. Cho’s order was successful.

However, the gap narrowed to 19-16 when Jeong Hyo-geun and Bae Byung-joon were allowed to make three-point shots in the middle of the first quarter. Since then, the team has played seesaw games. In the second quarter, the team deployed Yang to secure free throws through fouls against the opponent team, and began to bring about the trend. Justin Gutang and Yang displayed aggressive fastball plays in succession. LG, which continued to maintain the lead, ended the game with a 19-point victory 월카지노.

One of the reasons to reverse the trend was the player’s ability to play according to the situation. On the day, he scored 25 points by his fastball. He also made only six errors. On the other hand, Jeong recorded 13 errors.

Coach Cho Sang-hyun once said in an interview during the season, “The senior players in the team do a good job, so the younger players follow along well.” That is how important the roles of the senior players in the team are on and off the court. Thanks to their good start, all the players on the court showed extraordinary energy.

“There was something that I was worried about in defense,” Cho Sang-hyun, the coach of the team, said after the victory. “I was worried that the players might have a shooting rampage in offense because they were motivated. The players did a good job to the extent that they did not use up two to three kinds of defense they had prepared,” Cho said, expressing satisfaction with the senior starting lineup’s first performance.

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