‘Why don’t you just do it with me’ Unpredictable junior Yoon Dong-hee’s son Seong-bin exploded in bread at the unexpected action…’Be sure to give me a high-five next time’

‘Why don’t you just high-five me?’

Changwon NC Park, where the Nakdong River Derby NC Dinos and메이저사이트 Lotte Giants played the last game of the first half. match on the 12th. So that starting catcher Yoo Kang-nam could focus only on the game, junior son Seong-bin did not hesitate to do dirty work and moved busily.

Lotte Giants 1st designated catcher Son Seong-bin, who returned from military service, moved more busily the day he was removed from the starting lineup.

While the starting pitcher is warming up right before the mound, he acts as a guard to prevent foul balls, or while catcher Gangnam Yoo is wearing protective equipment after an attack, he runs to the ground with a mitt and accepts practice pitching so that the pitcher’s shoulders do not cool down. Until the day, Son Seong-bin ran harder than he played the game.

Son Seong-bin looks happy every moment playing baseball after being discharged from the military. He belongs to the youngest line, but there are many juniors in the team he returned to. In particular, Yoon Dong-hee, a junior by one year, seemed to be friendly with senior Son Seong-bin, playing around like friends.

In the first inning, runner Yoon Dong-hee from third base scored the first run when Noh Jin-hyeok’s walk with the bases loaded with two outs. Director Sutton and his colleagues greeted Yoon Dong-hee and exchanged high-fives. At this time, Son Seong-bin, who was playing the role of pitcher guard, hurriedly rushed into the dugout and smiled brightly while waiting for his turn to give a high five.

Son Seong-bin, who was the last in order. Yoon Dong-hee, who came right in front of him, suddenly turned around and sat on the bench in front of Son Seong-bin, who was raising his hands. Son Seong-bin burst into bread at the surprise action of junior Dong-hee Yoon.

The players around them also laughed at the extraordinary chemistry between the two youngest players, Donghee Yoon and Seongbin Son. Although they lost the match, promising catcher Son Seong-bin returned to the team, and Yoon Dong-hee, who was reborn as a starting player after converting to an outfielder. The depth of the Lotte Giants is getting thicker and thicker.

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