Who is Chief Judge Yoo Chang-hoon who concluded the dismissal of Lee Jae-myeong’s warrant?

Chief Judge Yoo Chang-hoon (50, 29th class of the Judicial Research and Training Institute) of the Seoul Central District Court, who dismissed the arrest warrant for Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, today (27th), is evaluated as a “meticulous principled person” within the court.

A legal official who is acquainted with Chief Judge Yoo said of him, “He is a warm, unwavering and solid judge,” and “He must have carefully reviewed the records and made a careful decision.”

This official said, “As I am in charge of many cases메이저사이트 that attract social attention, the position of warrant judge at the Seoul Central District Court is one of the most intense and stressful positions in the court. “I took that position because I had trust in him as a person,” he explained.

Chief Judge Yoo is the oldest of the three judges in charge of warrants at the Seoul Central District Court, and is the most senior at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. He took charge of this representative case in accordance with the principle that the judge in charge will hear the arrest warrant request on the day the court receives it.

Chief Judge Yoo, who is from Daejeon, graduated from Seoul National University’s Department of Public Law and passed the 39th bar exam in 1997. After that, he worked as a Uijeongbu branch of the Seoul District Court, Suncheon branch of the Gwangju District Court, a trial researcher at the Supreme Court, a warrant chief judge at the Incheon District Court, and a chief judge at the Seoul Western District Court. Since February of this year, I have been working as a warrant judge at the Seoul Central District Court.

He was also the judge in charge in February, immediately after taking office, when the prosecution requested the ‘first arrest warrant’ for CEO Lee on charges of breach of trust related to suspicions of preferential treatment for the development of Daejeon-dong.

Chief Judge Yoo later accused Kang Rae-gu (58), a former standing audit committee member of the Korea Water Resources Corporation, and Park Yong-soo (53), a former aide to former leader Song Young-gil, who are key suspects in the Democratic Party of Korea’s ‘national convention money envelope suspicion’, saying, “There is concern about the destruction of evidence.” “They were arrested side by side.

In June, the first request for an arrest warrant for former special prosecutor Park Young-soo (71), who is suspected of being part of the so-called ‘5 billion club’, was filed as “a dispute over whether the suspect was relevant to his duties, whether he actually received money or valuables, and whether a promise to provide money or valuables was established. ” He dismissed it, saying, “There is room for it.”

Afterwards, the prosecution seized on former special prosecutor Park’s additional charges and requested a new warrant, and Chief Judge Yoon Jae-nam of the same court issued the warrant citing concerns about destruction of evidence.

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