‘We don’t give up, we are T1’: Interview with T1 Academy’s ‘Quica’ Kim Jae-kyung

A player saves his team from the brink with two solo kills.

In Game 2 of the 2023 LCK AS Quarterfinals at the Dream Arena in Daejeon, South Korea, T1 Academy (T1 A) defeated Genji Scholars (GG A/Jenji) in a five-set thriller, 3-2, to advance to the finals.

T1 top laner Quarka Jae-kyung sat down for a post-match interview.

Q on the win

When I first met Zenji in the quarterfinals, I thought it would be tough, but I’m really happy that I was able to go to five sets and win.

Q I can’t help but talk about the final set. I thought you had a great start to the match, but then you changed the momentum with the Atrox. The play reminded me of Zeus, how did you turn it around?

When I lost 2-2 in the middle, I thought the game might be a bit difficult. I thought that if I played well on the top, I could still change the situation, so I think I was focused.

Q It seemed like it was more of a crisis because it was a 1-4 match. What did you do differently?

We didn’t communicate well with each other, and it was difficult in all aspects, including side hitting, but I think we were able to come this far because we improved our feedback and communication while preparing for the playoffs. 캡틴토토

Q The first team won the Rold Cup. Did that motivate you?

T1, led by Faker, won the championship after many attempts. I was really impressed. Even though we were in fourth place, we weren’t discouraged. We knew that if we kept working hard, we could make it happen.

Q Tomorrow’s match is a carrier derby. How are you preparing for that?

A: We’ll try to improve our game as much as possible to win the final tomorrow, even if it’s just for one day.

Q What can you improve on?

Other players also have problems, but if I can improve my side management and hanta positioning, I think I can do it.

Q What do you think the final score will be?

3-1. We’ve scrimmaged with KT a lot, and we’ve met them in competitions, so we have a lot of experience. I think we can win if we stay focused.

Q Do you still have any picks up your sleeve, like the unusual ones you showed today?

The possibilities are endless. We could have Shako on the jungle side…

Q In the offseason, now that the Rold Cup is over, LCK fans seem to be watching the Academy Series a lot. What would you like to say to them?

I’m happy to be able to reach such a high level, and having fans watching from afar gives me strength and makes me try harder to win and give my all. Thank you.

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