Valencia earns ‘transfer fee revenue’ if Lee Kang-in transfers this summer

If Lee Kang-in transfers, Valencia can gain financial benefits.

Recently, the biggest concern of domestic fans is Lee Kang-in’s future. Having played for Valencia since his childhood and receiving expectations from many fans, he has grown to a new level after moving to Mallorca.

In particular, he made great progress this season. The left-foot kick and playmaking, which were strengths, became more mature, and the amount of activity, stamina, speed, and forward pressure, which were pointed out as weaknesses, increased significantly.메이저놀이터

He has recently shown a rise in his performance. In the match against Osasuna, it was stuffed into the official Spanish La Liga account with a fantastic dribble, and in the match against Celta Vigo, it received a high rating of 9 points without any attack points.

He also wrote the waiting list. In the match against Getafe, he scored multiple goals in Spanish La Liga for the first time in his career and as a Korean player, and in the match against Athletic Bilbao, he received a pass from Bedat Muriki and scored his 6th goal in the league, raising double-digit attack points in La Liga for the first time in his personal career and as a Korean player.

Many clubs are interested in this. Since reporter Matteo Moreto of Spanish media ‘Lelevo’ mentioned Lee Kang-in’s transfer last winter, the same content has been steadily being dealt with.

The teams mentioned are also diverse. Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Aston Villa, Newcastle United, Burnley, Feyenoord and Brighton are said to be interested. Tottenham Hotspur, where Son Heung-min is involved, also recently participated in the recruitment competition.

For now, Atletico is the most likely. Reporter Moreto said on the 29th (Korean time), “Lee Kang-in maintains a good relationship with Atletico. This week, Lee Kang-in and Atletico met in Madrid, and we will be in constant contact for the next 10 days.” It is known that coach Diego Simeone has already approved the signing of Lee Kang-in.

The possibility of transfer is gradually increasing. There is another team laughing at this. The ‘family team’ is Valencia. Spanish media ‘El Des Marche’ said that if Lee Kang-in leaves Mallorca this summer, Valencia will receive a portion of the profits. The media added, “Clubs that train players between the ages of 12 and 23 have the right to take a small percentage of the player’s sales. Valencia will receive some money because they trained Kang-in Lee until he was 20.” Lee Kang-in played for Valencia from 2011 to 2021 when he was 10 years old.

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