“US government UFO recovered and reverse engineered… hidden for decades”

 A whistleblower has come out
that the US government has been hiding UFOs for decades바카라사이트 even after conducting a program to retrieve, disassemble, and copy them to reverse engineer them . These are claims from the UFO

hearings in the US House of Representatives . Reporter Jeung Ryu delivers. [Reporter] The U.S. House of Representatives is holding a hearing to clarify the truth about the Unidentified Flying Phenomenon ( UFP ) again in 50 years since last year . Several claims and evidence are presented. This time, former military officials stepped forward. [Ryan Graves / Former Navy Lieutenant: Unidentified flying phenomena exist in the sky, but they are reported too little. Sightings aren’t uncommon, they’re routine.] A former Air Force major who handled information on top-secret programs went further, claiming that the government has and is hiding UFOs and alien remains. [David Grush / Former US Air Force Major: While I was on a mission, I learned that there was a program that reverse-engineered UA crashes over several decades.] Also, the US government has been aware of extraterrestrial activities since the 1930s . claimed to have been. He also said that he was being harassed as a whistleblower.

[Tim Burchett / US Congressman (Republican Party): Have you ever been retaliated against for your testimony?]

[David Grush / Former US Air Force Major: It was very cruel and unfortunate. They harassed me both professionally and personally.]

The Pentagon issued a statement and dismissed it as finding no information to support Grush’s UFO- related claims.

However, Congressman Burchet and others supported the claim that the government was hiding information, and expressed their willingness to find out the truth, saying that this disclosure was just the beginning and that more people would come forward.

This is YTN Ryu Je-woong.

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