“Until a new foreign pitcher comes” SSG rotates ‘starting break’ rotation

SSG Landers plans to take turns resting the existing starting pitchers until the new foreign pitcher, whose recruitment is imminent, joins.

In response to a reporter’s question, “Would you like to maintain the policy of giving starting pitchers a break by excluding them from the 1st team entry one at a time?” SSG coach Kim Won-hyeong said, “We will operate that way only until a new foreign pitcher arrives.” He said, “The positions of the existing starting pitchers will be clarified when a foreign pitcher joins the team and sets a pitching date, and when it is judged that it has entered a stable period.” 안전놀이터

SSG has six pitchers that can be used as starting pitchers: Kwang-Hyun Kim, Kirk McCarty, Seung-Won Moon, Jong-Hun Park, Won-Seok Oh, and Young-Jin Song. This is a large number even considering that Eni Romero, who was recruited last winter, could not even make it to the opening roster due to a back injury. Song Young-jin, who originally started from the bullpen, started when Kim Gwang-hyeon and Park Jong-hun were given a break, and the pleasant pitching had a great influence on coach Kim.

SSG, which has plenty of starting pitchers, is continuing the policy of giving each one a break from the first-team entry. Coach Kim, who also chose the provisional 6th starting system due to Song Young-jin’s good pitching, decided to give him a complete break to manage his physical strength and prevent injuries. Song Young-jin on the 27th of last month and Moon Seung-won on the 3rd of this month were excluded from the first team entry as planned.

SSG’s work on recruiting new foreign pitchers has progressed considerably. Director Kim said, “We are at the stage of completion,” and “It is a stage that we cannot tell you exactly yet, but we have heard related information. It was not a situation where we could wait any longer.”

Regarding the timing of the new foreign pitcher joining, “Once within this month, he must come in (to the team) unconditionally. Even after entering Korea, you have to go through several procedures, and you will not be in a situation where you can play for at least two weeks after joining. He has to adapt to the jet lag, and when the jet lag is over, he seems to have to pitch in the Futures (2nd Division) league,” he said.

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