“Uncontrollable popularity” MLBTR “15 teams that Kim Ha-sung wants”… “If traded, Tampa Bay will ask among WS competitors.”

Kim Ha-sung’s popularity is rising.

MLBTR said in an article titled “Trade Candidate: Kim Ha-sung” on the 15th (Korea Standard Time) that if Kim Ha-sung comes to the trade market, up to 15 teams out of the 30 teams in the 월카지노 Major League will run.

MLBTR claimed that “up to half of the league, regardless of WS competitors and potential competitors, could be seen as suitors to bid for Kim Ha-sung.”

“Kim Ha-sung only has a contract until 2024, but some teams may see him as a long-term opportunity if they think he has a chance to extend or renew his contract next offseason,” MLBTR said. “Even if the professional clubs see Kim’s trade as a move only for next season, he is definitely a candidate to receive a qualifying offer, so if he signs with another team, his team can receive a draft pick as a reward.”

Regarding the team that will target Kim Ha-sung, MLBTR predicted, “Kim Ha-sung’s $8 million salary could fit the budget of small market teams such as the Tampa Bay Rays, Cleveland Guardians, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Kansas City Royals,” adding, “Maybe Tampa Bay, a World Series rival, will take Kim Ha-sung.”

In addition, the Milwaukee Brewers, Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Angels, Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs, and Miami Marlins are also candidates, adding that if San Diego does not want to trade Kim Ha-sung in the NL West, San Francisco’s chances of recruiting Kim Ha-sung could be lowered.

Clubs such as the Minnesota Twins, Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees, Levston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies have to move other infielders to make Kim Ha-sung’s place, but they cannot rule out the possibility of making aggressive investments in him.

MLBTR said that as Dennis Lin of The Athletic said, San Diego has to “go well over the line” to make Kim Ha-sung trays, and it still remains to be seen whether the trade will actually happen.

In addition, Kim Ha-sung cited Lin’s point that San Diego is unlikely to trash Kim Ha-sung before that, given that he will be one of the central figures in the two consecutive games of the season between San Diego and the Los Angeles Dodgers in Seoul on March 20-21.

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