Two years ago, there was a long-term plan for Nagelsmann, Tottenham… “I need to call you right now”

It has been revealed that manager Julian Nagelsmann, who is being discussed as the number one choice for the next manager of Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League after parting ways with manager Antonio Conte, had the possibility of moving to Tottenham in mind.

Reporter Christian Polk from Germany’s Bild, who is familiar with Bayern Munich news, said on the 27th (Korean time), “Prior to joining Bayern Munich in 2021, coach Julian Nagelsmann plans to lead another club before taking office at one of the world’s top 5 clubs. “One of the teams in his plan was Tottenham,” he said.

Nagelsmann, who started his professional coaching career at TSG Hoffenheim in 2016 at the age of 29, built a successful career and created a ‘genius manager’ sensation in European football.

He continued his success even after taking office as manager of Leipzig RB, which is larger than Hoffenheim in 2019, and as a result, he was called up by Bayern Munich, Germany’s largest club, in 2021. Munich paid 20 million euros (about 28 billion won) in penalty for bringing Nagelsmann to Leipzig. This is the part where Munich’s expectations for coach Nagelsmann were revealed.

As the next destination for Nagelsmann, who broke up with Bayern Munich, clubs with at least the same or higher status as Bayern Munich were mentioned. In fact, Spencer giant Real Madrid, which is considered one of the top 5 clubs in the world, is considering Nagelsmann as the successor to Carlo Ancelotti. This is why when reports came out that Tottenham were interested in manager Nagelsmann, the possibility of it being made locally was low.

However, as claims were raised that Nagelsmann was interested in the position of Tottenham manager two years ago, the Tottenham executives who want to appoint Nagelsmann can raise their hopes. According to local reports, chairman Daniel Levy strongly wants coach Nagelsmann. When Tottenham sacked manager Mauricio Pochettino in 2019, they considered Nagelsmann as their replacement. At the time, coach José Mourinho, not Nagelsmann, was appointed as the successor, and when Mourinho was sacked, Tottenham again remembered coach Nagelsmann. This time he made direct contact but failed.

Nagelsmann has also been involved with Tottenham through media interviews. In a 2019 interview he said, “I watched Tottenham play (from the stands) because Mauricio Pochettino was there. He’s a really good manager and as a spectator his team was great.메이저놀이터” He also said he liked the way Tottenham manager Mourinho held press conferences. British Sky Sports mentioned these precedents and reported on the 23rd that “Coach Nagelsmann is willing to negotiate the position of Tottenham manager.”

On this day, reporter Polk added, “Tottenham must call Nagelsmann immediately.”

Tottenham officially announced on the 27th that they had sacked manager Conte. Assistant coach Christian Stellini will replace Conte for the rest of the season.

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