“Two days in a row”… Self-employed resentment over ‘representational terrorism’

For two days in a row, the story of a self-employed person who was subjected to ‘stool terrorism’ by passers-by was told.

On the 22nd, on the self-employed community ‘I’m the boss because메이저사이트 it hurts’, a post titled ‘I pooped in a shopping mall building’ was posted.

Mr. A, a self-employed person, said, “After yesterday, today (someone had a bowel movement). I have to report it and pay for it,” he said, releasing a closed-circuit ( CC ) TV picture filmed on the 22nd .

The photo shows a man squatting at the entrance of a building and defecating. This man sits in the building facing the road and calmly goes about his errands.

According to Mr. A, the time the scene was captured was around 4:59 am, and the man left without cleaning up after doing his errands.

Mr. A said, “There are entrances to (commercial building) on ​​both sides, but it was like this alternately every day.” The above picture is from today, but yesterday’s CCTV will also be turned around to find (the culprit).”

Netizens who heard the news said, “I hate it so much” “There are a lot of crazy people” “My dog ​​doesn’t go anywhere like that” “How can you be confident in a place where you can see the street on the first floor… ” and “punishment without mercy.”This is not the first time a self-employed person has complained about being ‘stool terrorized’ in front of a store. On the 17th of last month, a self-employed person vented his anger, saying that someone had pooped in front of the store in broad daylight. At the time, this self-employed person shared a story, saying, “I pooped at the entrance to the kitchen, then came back and shoved my poop in the corner. ” Such conduct is punishable under the Misdemeanor Punishment Act. Article 3 of the Misdemeanor Punishment Act stipulates that a person who urinates or does not clean up in places where many people gather or go, such as roads or parks, can be fined up to 100,000 won or detained.

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