‘Turn burden into opportunity’ Responsibility shown by Kyonggi University libero Kim Gun-hee

While Gyeonggi-do went on a five-game winning streak, it reliably defended the court.

Kyonggi University won with a set score of 3-0 (25-10, 25-14, 25-17) in a qualifying match against Mokpo University in the 2023 KUSF College Volleyball U-League held at Suwon Kyonggi National University Gymnasium on the 25th.

If Lee Yun-soo (2nd grade, OH, 198cm) took the lead in the attack by posting the most points for both teams with 16 points, Kim Gun-hee (2nd grade, L, 183cm) kept the back door of the court firmly. In this game, he received 14 target hits, the most in the team, and his receiving efficiency reached 71%. There was no receiving room.안전놀이터

Kim Gun-hee, who led the victory by creating a platform for the team’s attack, said, “It feels so good to win 5 times in a row. I practiced well and the results came out well, so I feel very good.”

After winning over Sungkyunkwan University and Hanyang University in a row, they met Mokpo University, which was relatively inferior in power. Still, he was not distracted. Kim Gun-hee said, “From the coach to the team members, we focused from practice. He couldn’t be complacent, so he continued to concentrate and solve the game.”

Thanks to that, I brought the first set to 25-10, a big score difference. However, in the second set, I started again with a new mindset. Kim Gun-hee said, “We brought the first set quickly, but when we entered the second set, we emphasized to each other that we would start over. I prepared with the mindset of forgetting the first set and starting from the beginning.”

He didn’t get many opportunities to play as a freshman, but this year he was reborn as the team’s main libero. The situation of having to take responsibility for receive and dig alone can come as a burden, but I thought of it as an opportunity.

“It is true that there is a burden. Still, as I continue to take care of receive and dig, my body gets better. I am working hard because I can gain more experience.”

He continued to play in all games and said, “I was very nervous because this year was my debut season for college volleyball. Still, thanks to the team members helping each other, I can feel at ease.”

On the upcoming 31st, Kyonggi University will go on an expedition to Chungnam National University. It is a team that must win in a situation where they are currently fighting for first place. Lastly, Kim Kun-hee said, “We have to win to win first place, so we want to do it without being vigilant. Chungnam National University is a team with good defense, so I don’t think it will be easy. As much as I go away, I will adapt more quickly and play a good game.”

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