“To create team chemistry, you must respect”

“For team chemistry to be created, there must be respect.”

Yeom Gyeong-yeop, LG Twins coach, responded directly to the controversy over the absence of Kim Hyun-soo (35), the “batting machine” that took place recently. It was an unusually detailed and resolute manner to convey the reasons for the decisions made so far, breaking through the controversy head-on.

Kim Hyun-soo, who has fallen into a slump he has never experienced in his career, takes a short break. LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said that while giving Kim Hyun-soo ample rest from up to 4 or 5 games to a week at the longest, he hoped it would be an opportunity to escape from sluggishness.

Ahead of the Gocheok Kiwoom Heroes match on the 6th, coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “(Kim Hyun-soo in today’s game) doesn’t come out at all. It will take 4-5 days to prepare, and it will be until this week at the longest.” In fact, on this day, Kim Hyun-soo did not come out as a pinch hitter at all, and the LG batting line won a great 9-1 victory after a long time.

Kim Hyun-soo is in serious slump this season. His season batting average plummeted to 0.254, and his combined on-base percentage (0.337) and slugging percentage (0.322) OPS fell to 0.659, the lowest level since his professional debut. He showed the most sophisticated batting ever in the KBO league, so it is a performance that does not match the reputation called ‘hitting machine’.

He’s not even showing his problem-solving skills. After 17 RBIs in April, he has a total of 8 RBIs in May and June. His batting average for the month of last May was only 0.148, which is the lowest in the period category. His slugging also had only one double.

When LG was swept in three consecutive matches with the NC Dinos last weekend, and Kim Hyun-soo was sluggish with 1 RBI in 13 at-bats, criticism over the appointment was infested.

Manager Yeom Gyeong-yeop, in a meeting with the reporters, conveyed his intention that he would remove Kim Hyun-soo from the starting lineup for the time being and give him a break. also pointed out

It is also a point that many people regard as a problem for coach Yeom this year. Regarding this, coach Yeom spent much longer than usual on the 6th to convey his beliefs about his team’s philosophy and appointment. Rather, it was a direct response to the controversy by revealing more detailed circumstances.

Director Yeom said, “Currently, (Kim) Hyun-soo is in a bad condition, but going out as a pinch hitter does not solve the problem, and if he fails to hit in a critical situation, he will be criticized, but that is only for me to corner the player in a more difficult situation.” said

Not an ordinary player. He decided that he must play the role of a team-centered hitter in order for the team to survive. The background of the appointment and perseverance so far was not only because of Kim Hyun-soo’s individual consideration, but also because he judged that the revival of the center hitter was essential for good team performance. The same goes for rest decisions.

Director Yeom said, “In the end, the core of our hitting is (Kim) Hyun-soo. Even Oh Ji-hwan and Austin Dean are holding the key. Since these players are not on-base hitters, it is important how many runs batted in, how many runs scored, and whether they hit the winning run. That’s why I’m talking about the pillar theory of hitters,” he said. “(Kim Hyun-soo) is a pillar player. When the pillar collapses, the team is bound to be shaken from the blow. They have to keep playing their part.”

When the team is good, the existence of the pillar is not revealed well. However, Director Yeom thinks that what stands out especially when they are sluggish is that they usually hold the center.

In addition, it was emphasized that following Kim Hyun-soo’s opinion that he wanted to recover the sense of hitting in the game without resting in the meantime was not ‘being unilaterally dragged by the player’ or deferring responsibility to the player. He also said that it was a decision that respected Kim Hyun-soo, the mental support of the team, and also considered “team chemistry.”

Director Yeom said, “(Kim) Hyun-soo’s thoughts are also very important. He emphasized that he is in a position where he cannot but respect that idea in leading the team as a whole,” and said, “There is a part that Hyeon-soo has not been able to talk about for a long time now. After going through a slump, he must have been worried, and he must have realized that it is important to play games, but to do better, he must be quick to judge the moment of making a decision (rest).”

At the same time, he said that the understanding of the player himself should precede his communication.

“As a manager, of course, I can talk with my own strength, but he should also do it when he talks with players and when they are acceptable. (Those experiences) should be together and lead to the second half and next year, and trust in the experience of the coaching staff should be built. If he had told (Kim) Hyeon-soo ‘to rest’ before 15 or 20 games, he could have done better. However, what I am talking about at that point is that there is a baseball that the player has been playing so far, so no matter how much I talk about it, there is a very high probability that I will lose trust (rather) than trust me. Because this is our first season together. From (Kim) Hyeon-soo’s point of view, he wants to play the game, but when the manager says, ‘Take a break,’ he only takes himself out.”

Yeom explains that he is a coach with practical decision-making authority, but at the same time, he is the first commanding tower to be appointed to the team this season, so he has been more careful in communicating with Kim Hyun-soo, the leader and important player of the team.

Director Yeom said, “There is a problem that the effect of having a conversation is reduced and trouble may occur, and the pillar may shake. Also, since it is the beginning of the season, (Kim) Hyeon-soo should have been able to feel them. “Isn’t it the first time that a slump has been so long from the player’s point of view?” He said, “As a player, he wants to keep playing and doing something for the team, but he must have felt that sometimes he could be poisonous to himself and the team.”

Lastly, what director Yeom emphasized was trust. Director Yeom said, “In the end, waiting for (Kim) Hyun-soo was the point. After that, mutual trust builds up,” he said. “Also, Kim Hyun-soo is a player with a baseball career that can be respected to that extent. Even between the coaching staff and the players, respect must exist to create team chemistry within them.”

In the end, it seems that the appointment of Kim Hyun-soo was an important choice for the level of giving a clear message and trust to the squad, as well as for the resurrection of the individual player and the overall power of the team.안전놀이터

As such, when it is difficult for him to know the circumstances inside the team, he usually judges based on his external appearance. Also, there are times when LG’s baseball this season is sometimes seen as being overly immersed in the game and under great pressure. And at the center of it, the head is emerging, and there are many times when the various choices in the process and the words that follow are controversial.

However, there were only 54 games in the regular season in which Yeom Gyeong-yeop departed and played the season. It is still too early for the colors of the team to be fully established. Also, considering that LG is currently cruising with an odds ratio of 0.623, the waves that sometimes shake the outside as if trying to capsize the boat may not be for a team that wants a ‘great voyage’.

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