‘Three base hit directly against the fence!’ Kiwoom Park Joo-hong, there is a reason for the 1st nomination

Park Joo-hong (21) is doing a great job. 

Kiwoom Heroes won 9-2 in the 2023 Shinhan Bank Sol KBO League KIA Tigers held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 15th. Kiwoom recorded 5 wins and 6 losses in 11 matches, rising to 6th place by a half game difference from 5th place.

Park Joo-hong, who started as first baseman that day, led the team to victory by driving opponent foreign starter Adonis Medina (26) to the end with multiple runs. Park Joo-hong flew 3 hits in 3 at-bats against Medina, a foreign player. 

It was Park Joo-hong who made a hit as the lead batter at the bottom of the second inning and hit with a blow. Even in a situation where the bat broke at the bottom of the 3rd inning, he pulled out a right-handed hit that made it 1st and 2nd base unharmed. 

The highlight of Park Ju-hong’s performance on this day was the bottom of the 5th inning. Park Joo-hong recorded a triple that hit the center wall hard. Afterwards, he hit home when Kim Tae-jin (27) doubled. Medina, who was beaten by Kiwoom hitters including Park Ju-hong, was beaten with 7 runs in 5 innings, and the game was virtually over. Kiwoom, who took the lead with Park Joo-hong, who went 4 at bats and 3 hits, was able to win 2 in a row. 

Born in 2001, who wielded a strong hit that day,안전놀이터 he is a left-handed left-handed hitter prospect who can play as an outfielder and first baseman. In 2020, he beat outstanding players in the first nomination by club and received Kiwoom’s first nomination. 

There were times of ups and downs after his primary name, but he slowly improved. Park Ju-hong, who raised his senses by visiting Geelong Korea in Australia, is playing a big role at the beginning of this season. He wields a strong batting average of 0.333 and is now aiming to settle in the first team. 

Every year, promising players like comets pour into the draft. Among them, there are only a few players who receive the overall 1st nomination or the club 1st nomination. This means that the potential of those players is enormous, and Park Ju-Hong is a prime example of that. 

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