This winter, there is a player who took the stamp for work as Kim Jae-hwan

 There is no player who can follow Kim Jae-hwan (35) in training volume at the Doosan Bears. He has to go to the Jamsil Baseball Stadium every day to train, regardless of season or non-season. After leaping to the starting lineup in 2016 and winning the title as the 4th hitter, he has been gritting his teeth and keeping the routine.

This winter, as often as Kim Jae-hwan, a player who took a stamp for work appeared at Jamsil Baseball Stadium. The main character is Jung Soo-bin (33), now a veteran center fielder. A Doosan official hinted, “There were several players who came to the baseball field to train during this off-season, but the player I met every day was Soo-bin Su. He always came out and did personal training.” 메이저사이트

Subin Sue is very determined to rebound in the new season. This is to avoid disappointing the club and fans who believed in him. Subin Sue signed a free agent contract with Doosan for 6 years and 5.6 billion won ahead of the 2021 season, but from this time on, his position as a starting player was shaken and he suffered. 2021 saw him play only 104 games as he was benched in the aftermath of his poor hitting.

Last year, he struggled with a batting average of 0.259 (105 hits in 405 at-bats), 41 RBIs and 58 points in 127 games. The pace in the second half was really good. He had 49 hits in 74 games in the first half and 56 hits in 53 games in the second half. In his second half, his batting average reached 0.306.

After finishing last season, Soobin said, “I signed a contract for 6 years, but I haven’t had many 2 years until this year. I think I will have to make it so that I can leave much better results for the remaining period.” are trying to keep

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop laughed as he answered, “The most I’ve heard from fans is to let Su-bin play well until summer.” Director Lee’s laughter was mixed with sympathy for the wishes of the fans.

Competition in the outfield is expected to be fierce this year. For now, Su-bin Jeong, Jae-hwan Kim, and new foreign hitter José Rojas are expected to start, but there are several potential players aiming for a spot in the outfield, such as In-tae Kim, Dae-han Kim, Seung-hwan Song, Chan-yeol Yang, and Su-haeng Jo. Kim Dae-han, Song Seung-hwan and Yang Chan-yeol have had few first-team opportunities, but coach Lee has been watching them with interest during the finishing camp.

There are many young players who threaten Jeong Su-bin in offense, but the center field defense is still evaluated as irreplaceable. It is also the secret to surviving in the face of many crises. Will Su-bin Sue add his offensive power to this and see the fruits of his sweat this winter?

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