‘This island’ where the members of ‘Garaksil’ also went… Why are the growing number of tourists worried?

Koh Samui, Thailand’s leading tourist destination메이저사이트, has been experiencing water shortages for months due to lack of rainfall. As the cost of supplying water to tourists in accommodation facilities increases, even if the number of tourists increases, it is not welcome.The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, reported on the 3rd (local time) that Sudam Sam-dong, the deputy mayor of Koh Samui, urged citizens to conserve water, saying that water supply is under extreme pressure due to an increase in tourists as there has been no rain for months.Deputy Mayor Samdong said, “We are supplying water to citizens by drawing water from other regions and private reservoirs.”“The provincial government is doing its best to resolve the situation,” he added. “We hope that the central government will not declare Koh Samui a disaster area.”Known for its white sandy beaches, scenic temples and luxury resorts, Koh Samui often suffers from water shortages during the dry season from March to May. In particular, this year, due to the El Niño phenomenon, it rained less, raising concerns over water shortages.The lack of rainfall is hurting Koh Samui’s tourism business.“For the past three months, tap water has only been available two to three days a week,” said Yu Darat, who works at a massage parlor in Bophut, northern Koh Samui.He also said, “Currently, due to the lack of water, I buy water from trucks and store water in personal water tanks and small water tanks.”Koh Samui Tourism Association President Ratchaporn Pulsawadi also complained, “We have to use the money we earn from tourism to buy water.”Then, President Pulsawadi added, “It is not possible to buy water right away when water runs out, so we have to prepare in advance,” adding, “Everyone needs water at the same time.”Koh Samui is Thailand’s representative honeymoon destination and is known as the third largest island after Phuket and Pattaya. Recently , it became a hot topic after being introduced as a filming location for the 

tvN entertainment program ‘Poong Pyong Earth Arcade’.

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