‘This is the power of Kim Ha-sung’, amazing batting skills + sensibility + fantastic catch → FA $200 million is also possible… Team wins 5-2 [SD Review]

Kim Ha-sung (29) of the San Diego Padres is cruising to become a big hit in the Free Agent (FA). In addition to his defense capability, which is recognized as one of the best in the big leagues, he has displayed stellar performance in batting, sense, and baserunning.

Kim Ha-sung started the 2024 Major League Baseball (MLB) away game against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, on the 25th (Korea time), and gave his team a 5-2 victory with two hits, two RBIs and one run from four times at bat.

Having recorded multi hits for his fifth consecutive day in this season, Kim raised his batting average for this season from 0.228 to 0.240 (23 hits in 96 times at bat), his on-base percentage from 0.339 to 0.345 and his slugging percentage from 0.402 to 0.417. His on-base plus slugging percentage (OPS) is 0.762.

The San Diego Padres lined up in the order of Xander Bogaerts (second baseman), Fernando Tatis Jr. (right fielder), Jake Cronenworth (first baseman), Jurickson Profar (designated hitter), Kim Ha-sung (striker), Jackson Merrill (center fielder) and Gui Rosario (third baseman), Jose Asoka (left fielder) and Kyle Higashioka (catcher). Matt Waldron started as the starting pitcher.

He got off to a flying start at the top of the first inning. Bogartz’ hit and Tatis Jr. and a walk made the bases loaded with one out, and Kim Ha-sung took up the spoon. Kim Ha-sung, who swung and missed the changeup of the opponent team’s starting pitcher Ty Block’s changeup, was stuck with a sinker that was close to his body. Kim Ha-sung, who was forced to count 0-2 at a disadvantage point, displayed concentration by clearing a sinker with three high pitches and a curveball falling below the four-pitch zone.

The 5-pitch 80.6 mph (129.7 km) changeup fell lower than the first pitch, but Kim Ha-sung, who swung and missed once, was not hit twice. It was a ball that fell well below the zone, but Kim Ha-sung hit with his arms outstretched and the ball hit by the end of the bat exceeded the height of the first baseman.
His batting speed is 56.6 miles per hour (91 kilometers). His slow hit fell into an exquisite place between the first baseman and the right fielder, and Kim Ha-sung, who stole the base 38 times last year, headed to the second base at a shooting speed. Second and third base runners leisurely headed home. He had a timely two-run double with his first two RBIs. Kim Ha-sung, who had his 14th and 15th RBI, also recorded his fourth double of this season.

San Diego boosted its momentum. Merrill hit a huge hit to center field, and third baseman Profar easily scored additional points. Then, Rosario hit a critical hit, and Kim Ha-sung also hit home. Kim Ha-sung scored his 16th goal of this season.

Waldron, who received strong scoring support from the first inning, displayed quality pitching at ease. The only loss he had was a solo homer in the middle of the sixth inning by Ryan McMahon. He had four hits, three walks, five strikeouts and one run during six innings.

Kim Ha-sung, who stepped down with a fly ball to right field with one out in the third inning, took the batter’s box again in the sixth inning. In the face of Victor Bordnick, a changed pitcher, Profar got on base with an infield hit to the third base, and Kim Ha-sung caught the opponent off guard with no outs and a runner on the first base.

Kim Ha-sung, who was in a batting position, attempted a bunt on Vodnick’s 96 mph (154.5 km) four-seam fastball. The opponent was defenseless, and Kim Ha-sung hit a sensationally exquisite bunt, aiming for a wide space in front of third base. In a hurry, Colorado third baseman McMahon made a bare-handed catch and sprayed the ball to first base, but the ball did not reach the first baseman. Taking advantage of the absence of the throw, Kim Ha-sung dug into second base.

It was a scene where Kim Ha-sung’s wit shone. In other words, it provided another option for opposing pitchers and defense to make it more difficult to deal with Kim Ha-sung. This completed Kim Ha-sung’s multi-hit. Then, when Merrill hit a grounder to the second base, the third-base runner Profar homered. Kim Ha-sung played a role as a link to the additional score.

At the last at-bat in the eighth inning, he unfortunately withdrew due to a grounder to the first base, but created a great scene in defense, providing a variety of attractions. In the bottom of the fourth inning, Elias Diaz’s grounder, with runners on the first and second bases with one out, headed toward the left field. It seemed that the ball would pass through the infield, but Kim Ha-sung swung himself to clear the ball. Kim Ha-sung, who quickly started his body, delivered the ball to the first baseman Cronenworth with a one-bound throw even when he couldn’t completely balance himself. He became an infield hit by a narrow margin, but it was impressive defense.

It was a scene in which Waldron lost a point. Afterwards, Waldron caught Elehuris Montero with an infield pop fly and Brenton Doyle with a grounder to the third base, allowing him to finish the inning without losing a point.

Waldron won his first win of this season after losing two games. His ERA was lowered from 4.74 to 3.96. Yuki Matsui, who took over the ball from the seventh inning, pitched one inning neatly. He is one of the pillars of the San Diego Padres’ special bullpen with two wins and ERA of 1.50 this season.

Closing pitcher Robert Suarez had another chance to save on the day. He took the mound in the bottom of the ninth inning with his team leading 5-2, threw seven pitches during one inning, and finished with three strikeouts including one, to earn his ninth save (one win) of this season. ERA tied for first in saves with 0.77 in the entire big league 안전놀이터.

San Diego Padres, which has 14 wins and 13 losses, remained in second place after failing to narrow its gap with LA Dodgers, the leader in the National League West, which has won three consecutive games. By 1.5 games, the San Francisco Giants of Lee Jung-hoo and the Arizona Diamondbacks of 12 wins and 14 losses are both in third place.

With his performance on the day, Kim has risen to a tie for first in RBIs (15) in his team along with Cronenworth, Profar, and Tatis Jr. He is the lone top scorer.

He is the seventh hitter in his team who met the required batting average, but he is also doing his part by banking on his outstanding baseball skills, with a gap of more than 100 percent in batting average and on-base percentage despite his batting average. He is by far the No. 1 player in his team with 16 walks. In addition, he has produced nutritious results, with nine long balls among 23 hits, and OPS ranks fourth in his team.

Bogartz, who gave up the shortstop position to Kim Ha-sung, signed an 11-year, $280 million (3855.5 billion won) contract with San Diego after the 2022 season. Carlos Correa signed a six-year, $200 million contract with the Minnesota Twins, and Dansby Swanson signed a seven-year, $177 million contract with the Chicago Cubs, and if the current momentum continues, Kim Ha-sung is likely to sign such a large contract.

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