“There was a reason for pushing Kim Min-jae out.” Tuchel had no choice but to use it… It was Diar, Munich’s “Wall.” “Only one dribble allowed.”

The reason why Eric Dier gained the upper hand in the main competition after moving to Bayern Munich was revealed.

Dyer is an English national, but he started playing soccer in Portugal. Dyer made his professional debut in 2012 after spending time as a youth in Sporting. His early career in Sporting attracted the attention of clubs in England, where he played for both the first and second teams. Eventually, Dyer newly settled down with Tottenham in 2014.
It has the advantage of being able to play various positions. In the early days of his move to Tottenham, Dyer played center back as well as right fullback. Since then, he has played defensive midfielder position and showed off his multi-talented capabilities. Since Antonio Conte took the helm, he has continued to play as a central defender for three backs. He worked with Christian Romero and Ben Davies as the main center back.

However, there were many questions about Dyer’s qualifications as a starting center back. Dyer has made big and small mistakes every season, causing losses. It is regrettable that Dyer chose the location as well. Dyer’s role is the most important position in the three-back. However, he often failed to adjust the line or allowed plenty of space to open up shooting opportunities to his opponents.

In the end, Dyer was completely disregarded by Enze Postecoglou, who was newly appointed this season. He played in only four league matches. Dyer’s name could not be found in the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) against Fulham, where he had relatively good rotation resources.

In the end, Dyer pulled out a sword. In January, he found a new team through the winter transfer market, and was offered a love call by Munich, where his best friend Harry Kane transferred. Munich was also in a hurry. As Munich was running the season as center backs Kim Min-jae, Dayo Upamecano and Matthijs de Licht, it had many difficulties.

With Dyer’s addition, Munich has had fierce competition to become center back. As a result, Dyer gained an upper hand in the starting lineup competition, taking responsibility for his team’s defense along with De Ligt. Since moving to Munich, Dyer has played in 18 of 22 matches (13 starts) in the league, and also started in five consecutive UEFA Champions League matches, taking responsibility for his team’s defense.

Dyer’s statistics also showed why he had the upper hand in the main competition for Munich. “Dyer has allowed the fewest dribble breaks in the Bundesliga this season among 262 field players who have played more than 1,000 minutes,” soccer statistics magazine Huskored said on its SNS channel on the 26th. “He allowed only one break.”

Dyer showed competitiveness in Munich, but his participation in Euro 2024 was frustrated. Dyer said, “The England national team, led by Gareth Southgate, was not able to make it to Euro 2024 as it was not listed on the 33-member reserve list first. 토토사이트

“Dier did very well in Munich. I know Munich is satisfied as well,” Southgate said. “We think he is lagging behind other players.”

Southgate said, “We watch every game. We were aware of the fact that he played well in big matches such as the UEFA UCL. However, the result was based on overall evaluation.”

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