The reason why Denver is strong, according to Murray, “There are many weapons in our team.”

Five of Denver’s players scored in double digits.

The Denver Nuggets defeated the Miami Heat 104-93 in Game 1 of the 2022-2023 NBA FINAL held at the Ball Arena in the United States on the 2nd (hereinafter Korean time). It was Denver who succeeded in overpowering the game by winning the game that day.안전놀이터

The final score difference was 11 points. However, Denver led the game from the beginning to the end of the game. At the end of the third quarter, the score gap widened to 24 points. Players scored evenly, and five players scored double digits. The reason Denver is scary is because you never know who might explode.

In fact, the player who scored the most points in the first quarter was Aaron Gordon (203cm, F). Nikola Jokic (211cm, C) pulled out his opponent’s center snake Adebayo (206cm, FC) and Gordon faced Miami’s smaller players. And Gordon made use of his own height to perfectly attack the paint zone. Gordon attempted 8 shots in the first quarter, managed 6 of them and scored 12 points alone. Gordon’s performance gave Denver a 9-point lead.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Michael Porter Jr. (206cm, F) was the main character. Porter Jr. also made a successful 3-point shot and a successful dunk, raising the mood of the team. In addition, he showed strength in rebounding by taking advantage of the high height.

And Jamal Murray (193cm, G) took over. Murray scored both inside and outside and scored 10 points only in the second quarter. With the combined efforts of the two players, Denver finished the first half with a score of 59-42.

Denver’s highest scorer in the third quarter was Bruce Brown (193cm, GF). Brown played 4 minutes and 26 seconds. However, he also succeeded in a time-lapsed 3-point shot and a successful cut-in score, driving 7 points. It was a huge efficiency.

The player who put a wedge into the game was ace Jokic. Until the 3rd quarter, Jokic focused on passing rather than scoring. Jokic’s record was 15 points and 12 assists. However, when Miami chased in the fourth quarter, Jokic stepped forward. He scored under the goal, scored all four free throws from fouls, and scored in a two-man game with Murray. He scored 12 points in the 4th quarter and overcame the opponent’s pursuit.

Murray opened his mouth to such performance. In an interview after the match, Murray said, “I think the even performance of the players is the charm of our team. We have too many weapons. The opponent must defend all our weapons. But it’s not easy. (Laughter) On the contrary, we are relaxed and enjoying the game. That’s the strength of our team,” he said of the players’ even performance.

Denver’s undisputed ace is Yokichi, who won two season MVPs. But aside from his own scoring, Jokic has merit in keeping his teammates alive. The average of 10.5 assists he is recording proves it.

Denver’s players are fully reaping the ramifications of Jokic. Murray was very active as a second option throughout the playoffs. Porter Jr. played from the perimeter and Brown came off the bench to add energy to the team. Gordon and Kentavius ​​Caldwell Pope (196cm, G) also devoted themselves in many ways. This is the driving force that Denver was able to come to the NBA Finals.

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