“The president has no influence on my career!”… Mbappe’s ‘remarks’

French Ligue 1 giant Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)’Ace’ Kylian Mbappe revealed his inner discomfort toward French President Emmanuel Macron.

Mbappe is currently hot with rumors of a transfer to Real Madrid. Mbappe rejected PSG’s intention to renew the contract, and Mbappe will become a free agent next year. There have been reports that PSG is considering selling Mbappe for free this coming summer.

Even though Mbappe announced through social media that he would remain at PSG, rumors of Mbappe transfer have not subsided. He is rather fueling the transfer rumors by linking up with English Premier League (EPL) clubs such as Manchester United beyond Real Madrid.

In this situation, President Macron stepped forward. He caused controversy by saying, “I will try to stay in Mbappe” through the French media. When the head of a country said he would intervene in the retention of a soccer player, it was criticized as inappropriate.

Mbappe responded directly to this. He is currently joining the French national team for an A match. Mbappe, who attended the press conference for the French national team, responded to the president’s comments by saying, “What influence does the president have? He has no influence whatsoever when it comes to my career.”

Mbappe continued: “The president wants me to stay in Paris, and I want to stay in Paris too. The president and I are of the same opinion. I have already replied that I will not leave PSG. This is my only option now. Pre-season begins. I will return to PSG.”메이저놀이터

Mbappe also emphasized, “I’m used to this situation since I was young. I only think about tomorrow’s game. My only concern is the game. What happens outside is secondary.”

However, ‘ESPN’ insisted that the transfer rumor is not over, saying, “According to sources, PSG is preparing to sell Mbappe this summer. PSG will accept an offer of about 150 million euros (208.5 billion won) for a transfer fee.” .

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