“The first meal in LA is Korean restaurant Bibimbap.” The moment a Japanese pitcher who joined the Dodgers became friendly

“Wow, there are so many people…” Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto (26), who signed a 12-year contract, has been drawing keen attention since the beginning of the camp.

Yamamoto greeted his teammates for the first time at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ spring camp in Glendale, Arizona, on the 10th (Korean time), and started pitching from the first day to show his readiness.

Notably, the bullpen session with Walker Buehler drew an unexpected crowd. Dozens of club officials, including President Andrew Friedman and manager Dave Roberts, were circling, and more than 100 people, including reporters, watched with keen eyes.

Austin Barnes accepted the ball, and Gavin Lux served at the plate. He used 21 different pitches, including fastballs, two-seams, curves, cutters, and splitters. Most of the pitches hit the position of the mitt the catcher was facing, drawing admiration from the viewers. Barnes praised it, saying, “The accuracy is really special.” 마카오카지노도메인

Luxe, who was watching while holding the bat, said, “I think a fastball is 94 to 95 miles long, and a splitter is 90 to 92 miles long. It is not easy to set the timing because I throw with a slide step that does not raise my left foot,” while giving lip service.

In addition, the locker room used in the locker room has been unveiled. He is sitting next to Shohei Ohtani. Dodgers’ exclusive photographer John Suho posted a scene of them talking on his SNS account titled “New Guys.”

Another issue that became a hot topic was the interview on his way to work. The question-and-answer session took place in Yamamoto’s car on his way to the training site, and it also included personal stories, drawing attention from fans. The Dodgers made it public on its SNS.

  • How did you feel for the weeks after you finished your contract.

“Now that I start training in a Dodgers uniform, it feels real.”

  • If you make your first appearance at Dodger Stadium.

“I’m looking forward to the first moment I get on the mound.”

  • Teamed up with Kershaw, Ohtani, Betts and Freeman. What do you want to learn.

“I want to learn how they train, how they fit in with their teammates, the attitude of the best player, everything.”

  • The goal is.

“Of course he’s the World Series champion.”

  • Do you have a favorite movie or show.

“I like ‘Titanic’ that everyone knows. I only saw it half a year ago. It was amazing, as people say. It was especially cool to see the scene where I was greeted by the wind with open arms in front of the boat.”

  • What’s your favorite artist.

“It’s ONE OK ROCK (Japanese band). I like vocalist (Taka Moriuchi).”

  • What do you do on your day off.

“I watch Netflix or go shopping.”

  • After the game.

“Just spread out and lie down.”

  • What do you like, American or Japanese food.

“I like sushi for Japanese and IN-N-OUT hamburgers here.”

  • The first food I ate in LA was.

“I went to a Korean restaurant. The menu was bibimbap.”

LA is definitely an In-N-Out burger. Ohtani was asked a similar question at a fan festival a few days ago. When asked “Pizza? Hamburger?” he chose “Hamburger or In-N-Out.” This earned the acclamation from fans. The brand was born in California. Ryu Hyun-jin was also spotted enjoying burgers here in the Dodgers’ early days.

What is somewhat surprising is Bibimbap. Of course, LA has the world’s largest Korean town. However, Little Tokyo and Chinatown are also right next to each other. Most Japanese people enjoy Bibimbap, but it is interesting that the first meal was held at a Korean restaurant.

His social media posts show that he was eating yakiniku (燒肉, Japanese style bulgogi), a kind of Korean food, with his colleagues during the Orix period. He seems to be familiar with our food in that he likes it.

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