The eldest brother, Lee Gwang-sun, will repay the debt he owes to his fans

The surest way for fans to feel more proud of the team called Gyeongnam is promotion. So I really want to do it this year.”

This is Lee Kwang-seon’s answer to the question about personal goals. Lee Gwang-seon is the eldest brother of Gyeongnam FC and the leader of the defense. He was born in 1989 and is quite young, but he trains harder than anyone else and sets an example for the team.

Lee Gwang-sun, who was pushed back in the competition for the starting position last season, has changed this year. He played in 15 games last season and was put into the attacking camp at the end of the game.

Lee Gwang-seon said, “It was true that I was upset because I couldn’t play often as a player last season. This year, I worked hard from winter training with the attitude of a challenger, and the coaching staff seemed to appreciate that.” It’s not that I don’t have this, but I have a bigger desire to set an example for my juniors.”

Lee Gwang-seon should hold the center of the team along with the captains Woo Sung-seong and Beom-yong Kim. He self-confessed that he was an ugly junior when he thought of his past. There are times when he honestly tells his juniors that he could have shown a better performance if he had listened to his older brothers’ advice a little more.

He said, “Thinking about it, I doubt whether I exercised with a sense of responsibility when I was young. Most of all, it’s a pity that I didn’t understand the minds of my older brothers.” I’m sure he can grow as a player.”

The factor of Gyeongnam’s rise this year is its defense. In the last game against Chungbuk Cheongju, we conceded 2 goals, but the goal difference is still 6, so there are many positive elements. When asked about the secret to increasing defense power, he said,메이저사이트 “After going through the first defense in the attacking line and the second defense in the midfield, the risk factor decreased and the number of runs decreased significantly.” I want to become a team member who can become a member of the team.”

He even revealed that promotion, the team’s top priority this season, was his goal. Lee Gwang-seon made a nest in Gyeongnam in 2019, because Gyeongnam tasted the pain of relegation that year.

“After I joined the team and the team was relegated, I think I owed a bit of debt to the fans and the club. This season, my personal goal is to reach the promotion that fans, players, and the front desk all dream of. They say they want to have a meal with the fans when they get promoted, but I also want to enjoy it with some spoons. I have to hope that this wish will come true.”

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