The candidate is Ryu Hyun-jin? Kershaw? LAD’s ambitious 6th starter kingdom plan, “We can only recruit additional starters.”

The team that receives the most attention in the Major League in 2024 is the Los Angeles Dodgers, no matter what anyone says. This is because it has strengthened its power well ahead of the season. Originally, the team was strong, but it is now hard to find a gap in the overall roster composition.

Ahead of this season, the Dodgers signed a historic contract with Shohei Ohtani for a 10-year total of $700 million, followed by Yoshinobu Yamamoto for a 12-year total of $325 million, continuing his record-breaking spending. Ohtani was a contract that changed the history of sports in North America and the history of sports in the world as well as the Major League, and Yamamoto was a new record for breaking the highest amount of pitchers (nine years and $325 million) held by Gerrit Cole (New York Yankees).

It was not just that. The Dodgers acquired right-handed starter Tyler Glasnow and solid hitter Manuel Margot in a trade with Tampa Bay. In addition, Teoscar Hernandez, a slugger who can hit more than 20 home runs, has strengthened both the mound and lineup. A team with strong players represented by Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman has become stronger. Everyone points to the Dodgers as the most promising candidate for the World Series. 랭크카지노

However, there are some concerns. The team was selected last year, which was a chronic problem for the Dodgers. It was a relief to reinforcements to Yamamoto and Glasnow this year. Ohtani, who underwent elbow surgery, can join the starting lineup from 2025. Walker Buehler is now ready to recover from the aftermath of elbow surgery. Next year, the league’s strongest right-handed quartet is expected. Bobby Miller, Ryan Yarbrough, Tony Gonsolin, and Dustin May have also abundant resources. There seems to be no problem.

However, if you take a look at it, there is an element to be prepared. They are injuries. Buehler, who had no doubt believed as the team’s next-generation ace, had already failed to perform properly for two years due to the aftermath of his elbow injury. The same applies to May and Gonsolin. Glasnow had elbow surgery while in Tampa Bay. The same applies to Ohtani. Yamamoto has to adapt to the mound after a four-day rest period, which is different from that of Japan. Miller and Yarbrough need inning management. No one can guarantee that he will throw more than 180 innings.

This raises the possibility that the sixth starting pitcher can be considered. Andy McCuller, a columnist for the North American sports magazine The Athletic, said in his recent column, “There is a possibility that the six-man rotation can be utilized regardless of extra time off. This is a combination of factors such as Yamamoto’s situation, Glasnow and Buehler’s injury history, and Miller’s growth factors,” adding, “This decision could reduce the total number of starts for Yamamoto, Glasnow, Buehler, and Miller, but could lead to the result of staying healthy throughout the year. This could be a worthwhile compromise.”

McCullar thought the team’s young pitchers, such as Emmett Sheeheon, Michael Grove and Gavin Stone, could take over, but there could be additional recruitment. McCullar said, “Whether to conduct a six-man rotation will be determined by whether to add another starting pitcher for the rest of the offseason.”

The Dodgers is already spending a lot of money, and Xuheon, Grove, and Stone are the young starting resources that the team is looking forward to. On top of that, Ohtani will start the starting rotation from next year. Yamamoto and Glasnow have long-term contracts. Walker has a long way to go until he becomes an FA. In other words, there is a high possibility that he will not be interested in long-term resources. As the sixth starting pitcher system is in place, he does not have to throw many innings. All he has to do is throw well on the days when throwing. There is relatively little left-hander in this situation.

The first name that comes to mind is Clayton Kershaw, a symbol of the team. Kershaw is no longer an iron man, but he still showed off his class when he was healthy at least. He can throw 120 to 140 innings in a robust flow. It is also highly likely to be the favorite card of Dodgers fans. Jim Borden, a columnist on the same media, reported on Wednesday that the Dodgers still have the door open to Kershaw’s return.

The problem is Kershaw’s condition. Currently as an FA, Kershaw is undergoing rehabilitation after undergoing shoulder surgery. He is expected to return to the Major League in mid-year. He is not a resource waiting for the opening game. Then, his eyes will be narrowed to mid- to low-priced left-handers left-handers in the market, and the player at the highest level in the league is definitely Ryu. Although Ryu is not in a situation where he can guarantee 160 to 180 innings now, he has proved until recently that he can certainly display a high level if he throws 120 to 140 innings under the sixth starting pitcher system. Again, he is not a player who needs a long-term contract, is relatively cheap, and he has played there for seven years, so he is well aware of the Dodgers culture. Attention is also focusing on whether the Dodgers will seek to reinforce its starting lineup.

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