The Birth of ‘Taegukmark Father and Son’…Ace Yoo Ki-sang, U-contest national team

Yonsei University’s Ace Yu-gi-sang was selected to represent the Universiade held in China in July, and the father and son, together with their father, who was a national tennis player in the past, wore the Taegeuk mark.

The Basketball Association announced the final list of 12 players, including five university students, including shooter Yugi-sang, Lee Jeong-hyeon (Carrot) and Yang Jun-seok (LG), as well as rookies in the national team for the 31st Chengdu Summer Universiade.

The competition, which will be held from July 28th, was scheduled to be held in 2021, but was postponed for two years due to the corona pandemic.먹튀검증

Coach Yoo Yeong-dong (NH Nonghyup Sports Team), the father of the 2000 Asian Games in Busan, who was the king of tennis during his active career and is in charge of the women’s national team, said, “My son, who is in the graduating class, feels the weight of the Taegeuk mark more and plays more responsibly before advancing to the adult stage.” I look forward to working on it,” he was delighted.

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