The best start in 31 years… Pittsburgh Renews Manager Shelton’s Contract

“He is the best head for our team.”

The Major League Baseball (MLB) Pittsburgh Pirates will continue to work with coach Derek Shelton (53) next year. On the 23rd, Pigberg officially announced that he had agreed to a contract extension with manager Shelton. The specific contract period and salary were not disclosed. “Coach Shelton has worked to make our team stronger over the past three years,” Pittsburgh general manager Ben Sherington said. We believe he is the most suitable person for the position of manager of our team.”

Pittsburgh has had a strong image as a weak team. From 2013 to 2015, it was in the postseason (PS), but then fell into a dark period again. From 2019 to 2021, it stayed at the bottom of the National League (NL) Central League for three consecutive years. Last year, it was ranked 4th. I also suffered more than 100 losses in a row in 2021 (101 losses) and 2022 (100 losses). Director Shelton also struggled. In his last three years at the helm, he went 142-242 (0.370 win rate) and wasn’t having much fun.

This year is different. It is the beginning of the season, but it is drawing an upward curve with a completely different look. As of the 23rd, it marked 15 wins and 7 losses (0.682 win rate) in 22 games, and is ranked second in the NL Central League. It is showing the best start in 31 years since 1992. On the 23rd, they won 2-1 against the Cincinnati Reds and succeeded in winning their 6th game in a row. It’s been 5 years. Previously, Pittsburgh had won 11 straight wins from the Washington Nationals on July 12, 2018 to the Cleveland Indians on the 25th.

Pittsburgh is a team familiar to Korean fans as well.메이저사이트 Currently, it is Choi Ji-hwan, but Bae Ji-hwan is running. They caught the eye by putting their names on the starting lineup side by side. However, Choi Ji-man was placed on the injured list (IL) on the 16th. A sprain was found in his left Achilles tendon. A colon is unavoidable for about 8 weeks. Despite bad news, Pittsburgh is continuing a good trend and raising expectations.

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