“That’s how the team works.” Kim Min-seong, the main shortstop who has no time to rest, found happiness in baseball

The second shortstop that LG was so anxiously looking for was actually nearby. Son Ho-young, who coach Yeom Kyung-yeop saw as the first backup shortstop, is expected to return later than Oh Ji-hwan due to injury. After that, I tried to entrust Shin Min-jae or Kim Joo-seong as a backup shortstop, but I turned my attention elsewhere. It was Minsung Kim.

‘Backup for all positions in the infield except shortstop’ Kim Min-seong started as a shortstop in 8 consecutive games from Samsung on the 7th to Doosan on the 15th. Until Oh Ji-hwan returns, he will continue to keep the starting lineup.

Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop replaced Kim Min-seong with Kim Joo-seong in the 6th inning when the team led 9-1 in the game on the 14th. Other backup players were switched in the ninth inning, but only Kim Min-seong was allowed to rest early. As Kim Min-seong has to continue to serve as the starting shortstop for the time being, he is more concerned about stamina on his bench than other players.

Ahead of the game on the 15th, coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “For the time being, I will continue to send him out even if he is a little tired. Isn’t he not the main shortstop until the end of the season? It’s good,” he said, expressing his intention to continue using Kim Min-seong.

Eight games were the longest period last year in consecutive starts. At the end of the season, he started for 7 consecutive games, but this time, after the ranking was decided, the test process to fill the vacancy of the second baseman was more meaningful. However, he must start at least 10 games in a row this year.

As coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, Kim Min-seong is an indispensable presence not only in defense but also in offense. On the 15th he also recorded the team’s first hit. He has a .357 batting average in 12 games, and since moving to shortstop, he has hit in six games and multi-hit in three.

It is a great reversal of the old man, whose role was limited to great defense for a while. Kim Min-seong, who met after the game on the 15th, smiled brightly, saying, “I don’t think he’s tired at all. He’s playing baseball happily.”

After the game on the 14th,안전놀이터 he impressed fans in a broadcast interview with SPOTV. Kim Min-seong said, “It seems that what I prepared hard to play my own role is coming out (in the game)” and “I don’t think of FA. Many fans applauded the interview in which he calmly expressed his responsibility as a veteran.

When Kim Min-seong heard about this, he smiled and said, “I don’t know why that is touching.” Then he said, “That’s how the team goes back.” LG, supported by shortstop Kim Min-seong, is recovering well with 6 wins and 2 losses in 8 games without Oh Ji-hwan.

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