Ten Hach was trusted and grew into a ‘core’… Another renewal in a year, salary ‘shocked up’

Manchester United have entered into negotiations to sign a new contract with midfielder Kobe Mainu (18, England). It is unusual considering that a year has just passed since the contract was renewed, but Manchester United reportedly made the decision because it was impressed by the development and performance of Mainu, who has solidified his position as a main player this season and is considered a “key resource” to lead the future.

British media Football Insider reported on the 7th (Korea Standard Time) that “Manchester United is in advanced talks to re-sign Mainu, who has become a huge sensation this season,” adding, “Even though a year has just passed since I re-signed with Mainu in February last year, Manchester United has set up a negotiating table as they want to sign a new contract.”

According to reports, Manchester United signed a contract with Maino in February last year. At that time, Manchester United signed a long-term contract until June 2027, and added an option to extend the contract period by one year. Assuming that Manchester United invokes the extension option, the contract period is still more than four years away. There is no reason for Manchester United to hurry to renew the contract as there is much time left for the contract. 유흥알바

Manchester United, however, have been impressed by Mainu’s remarkable pace of development and outstanding performance, and they want to sign a new contract with an increased salary and bonus. According to the soccer club’s financial statistics media Carpology, Mainu is currently the “lowest” with an annual salary of 600,000 euros (about 884 million won). Although no specific salary increase has been reported, it is expected to increase significantly as Mainu is currently considered a “key resource” to lead the future.

Manchester United, however, is not expected to rush to negotiate the renewal right away. This is because Mainu is focusing on finishing the rest of the season well rather than renewing his contract for now. Local sources predicted that Manchester United would hold full-fledged negotiations with Mainu for the renewal after organizing the squad after this season, and the two sides reportedly talked smoothly during the pre-consultation process.

Mainu, who is considered a “key resource” to lead the future of Manchester United, is a midfielder with outstanding footwork, calmness that is not appropriate for his age, excellent passing ability, and ball-carrying ability. Fans expect him to surpass Paul Pogba of France when it comes to only his skills and talents. He has recently improved his defense capability and has steadily increased his playing time, gaining experience, and displaying skillful plays. He is still expected to grow further in his late teens.

Mainu, who has grown up with Manchester United youth since 2014, made his debut after being called up to the first team in 2022. And this season, he received confidence from Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag (54, Netherlands) and began to make his name known by playing in 20 games (17 starts) and scoring two goals in all competitions.

Mainu’s market value has significantly increased due to his outstanding performance in recent years. According to Transfermarkt, a media outlet specializing in the transfer market, his market value has been set at 35 million euros. This has increased 43.75 times over the past year. Mainu’s market value was set at 800,000 euros in March last year. It is the third highest among those born in 2005.

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