Talk to your heart’s content… ‘I used Barca to go to Tottenham.’ Criticism → “I don’t care at all.”

Lucas Veribal took a firm stand against his criticism.

Tottenham Hotspur were actively recruited during the winter transfer window. It was an inevitable move and a satisfactory transfer window as there was a gap in the squad for various reasons such as transfer, injury, and joining the national team. He brought in Radu Dragushin from Genoa to thicken the squad depth, and Timo Werner from Leipzig on loan to fill Son Heung-min’s vacancy.

At the end of the transfer window, he completed his third recruitment. He has already won the competition with Barcelona. The hero is Verbal, a super-high-end prospect from Sweden.

Many teams targeted him. Eintracht Frankfurt, Manchester City and Wolverhampton Wanderers also watched his situation.

The most active team was Barcelona. “Veribal and his family will meet again with Barcelona to complete the agreement,” Fabrizio Romano, a transfer market expert in European football, wrote on his social media last month. “Deku wants him to agree on all the details. Jurgorden has already given a positive response.”

However, Veribal’s ultimate choice was for Tottenham. After losing the competition, Barcelona even raised a conspiracy theory. They say that Veribal chose Tottenham because of money. Juan Laporta said that Veribal chose Tottenham because of “money.” Some criticized Veribal for using Barcelona to get more offers from Tottenham.

Verbal stood firm against the ridiculous speculative criticism. According to Romano, he wrote, “They can write and speak however they want. I knew what was the right choice for my career. I don’t want to put a lot of energy into something like that!”

His longtime companion also claimed that “money” did not make Veribal choose Tottenham. Peter Kispaludi, a sports collaborator with Veribal’s former club, said, “The president of Laporta said Tottenham paid him more money and that was the reason he chose to move to Tottenham. It is not true. I knew Veribal always wanted to play in the Premier League. He told me before he went to London, “Peter, my dream is to play in the PL.” The Tottenham transfer was to make his dream come true.” 토토사이트

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