Surprising Tampa Bay, White Sox-Cardinals going backwards

There is a saying in the major leagues, “You can’t win the pennant in April.” This means that the April results are not absolute.

However, starting from April, when the season begins, they need to improve their performance so that they can secure a foothold to advance to the postseason, including winning the district championship. It is difficult for Oakland Ace (4-18) with a win rate of 10%, Kansas City Royals (5-17), and Colorado Rockies (6-17) with a win rate of 20% to come up with a turnaround. KC cannot dismiss manager Matt Quatraro (49) as he took the helm for the first time this year.

On the 25th, MLB Network picked 6 teams as the surprise teams that are attracting attention at the beginning of the season. There are 3 teams that are doing well and 3 teams that are going backwards.

The three teams that surpassed expectations were the Tampa Bay Rays (19-3), the Pittsburgh Pirates (16-7), and the Texas Rangers (14-7). Tampa Bay continues to record 22 consecutive home runs with 13 consecutive wins in the opening game and 13 home wins in a row.

The 1984 Detroit Tigers were the team that continued their record of 19-3 in the first 22 games to 40 games. They had a record of 35 wins and 5 losses. This year, he recorded the best record in franchise history with 104 wins and 58 losses and reclaimed the top of the World Series. The manager who led the team at the time was Sparky Anderson (late), who became a member of the Hall of Fame.

This is Pittsburgh’s best performance since advancing to the National League Championship in 1992. Since 70-75 wins were expected before the season, the key question is whether this record can be continued into the postseason.

The Texas Rangers are leading the American League West, beating the defending World Series champion Houston Astros with four consecutive winning series. After the 2021 season, Cory Seager and Marcus Simien Keystone Combi reinforcements, Jacob deGrom Nathan Ibaldi and Andrew Haney after the 2022 season, and the recruitment of coach Bruce Bochi, who led the three-time WS championship, are having an early effect.

In the AL West, defending champion Houston still has a good chance of winning. But things change when deGrom makes 28 or so starts without injury. On the 24th against the Oakland Ace, he threw a powerful pitch with 3 hits, 11 strikeouts and 2 runs (1 earned run) in 6 innings.

Compared to the early rise of Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, and Texas, the teams that took a bigger step back than expected are the Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, and Oakland Aces.

The White Sox are currently 7-15. The win rate is also a problem, but the goal difference is -31. He was chosen as the favorite to win the AL Central Championship this year. Shortstop Tim Anderson is injured, but his pitching is unbalanced. Fortunately, the leading Minnesota Twins are not solo. It is ranked 4th in the district, but the game difference is only 5.0.

St. Louis’ selection collapsed. With a 9-13 record and a starting ERA of 5.57, he is ranked 28th in the MLB and is in the lower ranks. Attacks are no problem. MVP Paul Goldschmidt and third baseman Nolan Arenado are joined by super rookie Jordan Walker. 42-year-old veteran Adam Wainwright has missed one game with a groin injury. He is expected to return to the minor league rehabilitation soon. Among the starters, only Jack Flaherty maintains an ERA of 3.29.

Oakland, in the ‘Money Ball’, has the worst win rate in the MLB with 4 wins and 18 losses. It is a total impasse for Tuta. Outside of games, it is impossible to build a new stadium near Oakland, so it is highly likely that the franchise will be moved to Las Vegas. Plans for a new soccer field have failed repeatedly, so there is no time to invest in the team.스포츠토토

If it collapses in the early stages, it becomes a target for teams with postseason competitiveness. Before the season, there were predictions that the AL’s win numbers would be better than the NL’s. It is pointed out that one of the factors is that Auckland and KC are too weak to dedicate the win. Auckland and KC are helpless.

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