Stranger Bell’s sincerity… The condition for renewing the contract is only one advisor

News of the recent renewal of the contract with coach Colin Bell (62) of the national football team was overshadowed by the Korea Football Association’s match-fixing amnesty order that hit the soccer world.

It is compared to the fact that coach Bell drew attention by extending his contract right after India finished runner-up in the Asian Cup last year.

As the first foreign coach in Korean women’s football, he has proven himself in terms of performance since taking office in October 2019.

An official familiar with the association’s internal circumstances said, “The English Women’s Super League (WSL) Manchester City Women wanted Coach Bell. In order to catch him, he suggested renewing the contract until December 2024 even before the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.” Coach Bell also signed his contract without hesitation, following his wish, “I want to stay in Korea as long as possible.”

However, manager Bell requested one condition from the association before renewing the contract. He wanted to serve as an ‘advisor’ who oversees all the women’s soccer teams by age group.

He didn’t want an external title. Born in England and a stranger in Korea, she rather wanted to grow the roots of Korean women’s football together. His theory is that if the head coach of the adult national team meets regularly with the coaching staff of the female youth and youth national teams and even participates in training, they can move in one direction.

Coach Bell said, “If possible, I want to hold meetings with the coaching staff every month.” I want to talk about what kind of skills our country (Korea) needs. By sharing and exchanging experiences and knowledge, we can move together in the right direction.”

Coach Bell also dreams of collaborating with coaches in the women’s unemployment soccer WK League. She disclosed all the training methods and tactics of the national team, and even shared the conditions required for national team level players. An official from the association explained, “If you are a coach of the WK League, the coach’s position is that the national team’s training ground will be open at any time.”

Director Bell’s sincerity is also well confirmed by his learning Korean. From the first year of his appointment, he learned to write Korean on the blackboard so that he could read and write the names of players. It is different from the foreign leaders who took the baton in Korea in the past, relying only on interpreters. Coach Bell’s extraordinary mindset left a positive effect on the men’s soccer team coach Jürgen Klinsmann, who also started studying Korean. This is the background that soccer fans hope Coach Bell will lead women’s soccer for a long time.

Coach Bell is determined to live up to the expectations of the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Korea, which was eliminated in the French tournament four years ago with a three-game losing streak, is promising a different result this time.메이저놀이터 Fortunately, the results of the group draw are not bad. In this tournament, they are tied in Group H with Morocco, Colombia and Germany.

Expectations for advancing to the round of 16 will rise if the national team achieves positive results in two consecutive A matches against Zambia, which was invited assuming a virtual Morocco. In the first game on the 7th at Suwon World Cup Stadium, the point to watch is how Ji So-yeon (Suwon FC) overcomes the variable of missing due to an ankle injury. Coach Bell said, “I confirmed the enthusiasm of the soccer fans in the men’s national team’s evaluation match against Uruguay last month. I want to bring this heat to women’s soccer as well.”

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