Stable tone, calm explanation…’Commentary’ Choi Hong-seok “Looking down on the coat, it felt strange”

I took off my uniform and grabbed the microphone. SBS Sports Commentator Choi Hong-seok, who returned to the court as a commentator rather than a player, stood in front of a new starting line.

Commissioner Choi left the court after the last 2021-2022 season. There was friction with the club, and he was announced as a free agent (FA), but he could not find a new nest. The situation where I was leaving the court like that, I received an offer from SBS Sports to comment, and I tightened my tie.

Commissioner Choi, who was contacted by Sports Seoul on the 9th, said, “I thought I might be able to (commentary) at least once someday, but I didn’t know that the opportunity would come quickly,” laughing and saying, “I didn’t worry too much. I said I would try,” he looked back.

Wearing a suit, not a uniform, and going to work with a coat. Recalling the awkward day, Commissioner Choi said, “I was unfamiliar with the clothes, but the most awkward thing was that I was looking down at the court from the second floor.” said. 스포츠토토

His debut was played on December 31 last year in a match between KB Insurance and Hyundai Capital. I visited the Uijeongbu Gymnasium as ‘Commentator Choi Hong-seok’. “I was really nervous,” he said. He thought he could do well, but he helped a lot around him. He is trying to give better commentary while receiving this and that feedback and monitoring.”

We want to convey ‘liveness’. Commissioner Choi is the ‘elect’ who was on the court until the most recent among the broadcasting commentators. He said, “I want to become a commentator who vividly conveys the psychology of the players. He is immersed in the game to give the feeling of breathing with the players on the court,” he said.

Don’t miss the objective point of view. Commissioner Choi is not neglecting the recent controversial video reading and studying regulations. He stressed, “The difficult part is the regulations related to video review, and I think I need to know and be familiar with it.”

Viewers are all in favor. I am looking for a sense of stability as time goes by, such as a stable tone of voice as well as explanations of specific situations. Choi Hong-seok said, “Thank you. He talks about various things around him. PDs and casters help a lot. I joined in the middle of the season and didn’t have enough time to prepare, but he showed me what direction to go.”

Choi Hong-seok will also broadcast the match between Woori Card and KEPCO, which will be held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 10th.

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