special draft? Director Kim Seung-gi, the secretariat is in crisis of unemployment

Day One Sports has been expelled. If a new acquisition company is not found, the upcoming season will have to operate with a nine-club system. KBL discussed the implementation of a special draft as a way to rescue players. However, coaching staff and secretariat staff will lose their jobs.

KBL held a series of board meetings and general meetings at the KBL Center in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul on the 16th at 7:00 am to expel Day One Sports from its membership. KBL finally concluded that Day One had no intention or ability to run the club normally.

As the city of Busan announced its intention to attract a men’s professional basketball team, KBL plans to actively seek out companies to acquire with the city of Busan. The problem is when you can’t find an acquirer. KBL plans to conduct a special draft if it does not find a company to acquire by the 21st of next month (provisional). The date may change depending on the acquisition company discussion, but through a special draft, 18 members of Day One will find a team to play.

A special draft can save a player. However, like the players, the coaching staff, such as coach Kim Seung-gi, Sohn Kyu-wan, and Son Chang-hwan, who devoted themselves without receiving wages for several months, end up unemployed. The same goes for the office staff. With the announcement of his expulsion, he is taking out his personal luggage at the Goyang Indoor Gymnasium.

An insider in the basketball world said, “If the acquiring company does not come out, the players just have to find a team to play for, but the manager, coaches, and secretariat staff are a problem. suddenly become unemployed. Coach Seung-gi Kim, who has also raised the level of the league as a master general, will also lose his job.” I know that not only the overdue salary but also the amount of money spent on personal cards is quite high for the manager and coach.”먹튀검증

The best-case scenario is for KBL to look for acquirers with a forward-looking attitude. The grim reality of the players who will go to the special draft and the coaching staff and secretariat staff who become unemployed does not change if they do not find a company to acquire them.

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