South African 19-year-old golfer, dream of 59 strokes… Second on the Sunshine Tour

A 19-year-old golfer playing on the Sunshine Tour of South Africa hits a ‘dream 59’.

South African Casey Jarvis, who competed in the Sunshine Tour Stella Artou and the Players Championship held in Johannesburg, South Africa, shot a 13 under par 59 in the third round, Golf Monthly and other golf professional media reported.

His 59 at the Sunshine Tour of South Africa was his second since Peter Kamis scored in Round 2 of the 2009 Lombard Insurance Classic.

Jarvis pulled out 7 birdies in the first half and hit 29, predicting a record, and in the second half, he had only 2 birdies, but caught 2 eagles.

Eagle caught it on the par 5 hole, but also came out on the par 4 hole.

Jarvis said,먹튀검증 “I couldn’t imagine hitting 59. Today was a day when I hit and rolled. I was conscious of 59 at the 18th hole tee box, and my tee shot missed.”

Jarvis cut 4 more strokes in the final round on the 17th, but finished the tournament tied for second place (24 under par 264 strokes), 6 strokes behind Kyle Barker.

He has hit 32 strokes below 59 in major World Tour events, with five 58s.

However, only 12 players shot 59 and won.

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