“Son Heung-min is retiring from Tottenham!”…Tottenham’s ‘huge package’ to be stamped in summer! Urged to “sign ASAP, build team around legend”

Son is expected to renew his contract with Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League. If he succeeds in renewing his contract, Son is highly likely to retire from Tottenham. 

Son Heung-min and Tottenham’s contract expires next summer. Son Heung-min and Tottenham are known to have continued to negotiate privately. And it is understood that an agreement has been reached. It is predicted that Son Heung-min will stamp the contract this summer. 

Britain’s “Tbrfootball” reported this on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time). 

The outlet said, “Tottenham and Son Heung-min are close to agreeing to renew their contracts. Tottenham is eager to get both Son and Son to renew their contracts. This season, Son has shown his value, meaning he can stay at Tottenham much longer. According to an insider, the two sides have been talking since last year, and were confident that the negotiations would be finalized this summer.” 
“Son Heung-min became Tottenham’s best player after Harry Kane left. In addition, he became Tottenham’s new captain following Hugo Lloris’ departure. Son became an essential part of Enze’s postecoglou system and played a central role,” he added. 

“Tottenham needs to process Son’s contract renewal as soon as possible. There are not many players in Tottenham who can be called a world-class player. Son Heung-min deserves such evaluation. Son has become a legend of Tottenham. Commercially, Son can create a tremendous amount of things. Such Son is fully qualified to renew his contract with Tottenham. Tottenham needs to wrap up its contract quickly and then build a team around him for next season.”  메이저사이트

In addition, “To The Lane And Back” also said, “Tottenham is confident in securing Son’s future. Tottenham will protect Tottenham’s legacy by signing a long-term contract with Son. Son has been an important figure for Tottenham for many years, and his importance has grown since Kane left. Tottenham has negotiated with Son, and all parties are looking forward to reaching an agreement.” 

“He was offered a ‘huge package’ by Tottenham. This reminds us of how important Son is at Tottenham. This is a huge sign of faith that Tottenham shows. It shows Tottenham’s willingness to keep Son for years to come,” he said. 

Lastly, the outlet stressed, “Son Heung-min has scored 16 goals and nine assists this season. Securing a star’s long-term future will be a huge boost for Tottenham. Son’s long-term contract, which will turn 32 this summer, means he will devote the rest of his career to Tottenham.” 

The ‘huge package’ emphasized by this media can be interpreted as having a high possibility of becoming a long-term contract. For Son Heung-min, who will turn 32 in July, it is an unconventional proposal. That’s how willing he is to recognize Son Heung-min’s value and join the legend. If he signs a long-term contract as expected by this media, he can finish the rest of his career at Tottenham. In other words, it means he will retire from Tottenham. In the name of legend.

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