“Son Heung-min is more than Deok-bae!”…Son Heung-min is ranked fifth in the EPL’s best player, and Deok-bae is sixth! “Fast, versatile, and deadly, Son is unstoppable!”

Who is the best existing English Premier League (EPL) player.

Britain’s “Give Me Sports” announced the “TOP 10” of the current EPL’s best player. “EPL is the world’s best league. The world’s most talented players are gathered. Who is the best among the best? We selected the best existing EPL players,” the media said.

Regarding the evaluation criteria, he explained, “It is not a science to compare the qualities of soccer players. It should be evaluated in various factors. Their performance and long-term consistency are needed. A balance between well-established performance and recent performance is essential. The players who made the list are outstanding players in both categories.”

The media picked Tottenham’s ace and captain Son Heung-min as the fifth. Son Heung-min is the star of Tottenham’s craze this season. 헤라카지노주소

“Son Heung-min has consistently displayed impressive performances for Tottenham in recent years. He won the Golden Boot and has consistently scored more than 10 goals in the EPL. Son is fast and versatile. He is a deadly player. There are few ways the opponent can stop Son.”

Looking at the TOP 10, including Son Heung-min, Declan Rice, No. 9, Alisson Becker, No. 8, Kyle Walker, No. 7, Virgil van Dijk, No. 6, Kevin De Bruyne, No. 5, Son Heung-min, No. 4, Bukayo Saka, No. 3, Mohamed Salah, No. 1, and No. 1.

Son Heung-min has surpassed The Bruyne, who was evaluated as one of the best players in the EPL. The Bruyne ranked sixth, and his long-term injury has taken a toll this season.

“Without the serious injury of The Bruyne, we could have ranked higher,” the media said. “He is a player who can do everything that Pep Guardiola can. He is considered one of the greatest players in the history of the EPL. His skill, energy, movement, and flexibility are the best in the EPL.”

The top spot is Holland. “No one in the world can match Holland right now. Holland himself is talking. Imagine how high Holland can reach in the years ahead, aged just 23. It’s scary.”

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